“After a victory, relaxation usually comes and I haven't seen it”

Without being asked, Fran Fernández took the opportunity to make it clear how the week has been, of his directed after defeating Malaga. “After a victory the squad tends to relax and I haven't seen it. I had to stop them and that tells me that we are going to do a good job and that we are prepared ”, he wanted to highlight Tenerife coach in the previous of the match against Alcorcón.

Emblem / Flag Tenerife

A duel that he recognized is special. “Both me and my family were treated great there. It is a club that helped me grow personally and professionally ”, said the Andalusian. Of course, once the referee whistles “we will bite to bring us the three points. I want Tenerife to give the same image at home as it was outside. There are nuances for the rival, but I always demand the same ”.

He was asked if he has anything earned by knowing the footballers who were his last year. “El Alcorcón already has its stamp. Mere Hermoso is a great coach and he showed it at Fuenlabrada. I don't know if the advantage is that we know them or vice versa. I think we are equal. Sure they have worked on how to win our backs on our defensive line and the rest of the nuances ”, he imagined.

Fernández warned that he plans to make modifications to the starting eleven. “Everything will depend on the week and how we have seen the players. It is difficult to repeat lineups because we have a short squad, so we will make some changes or some changes. On the possible ownership of Zarfino, left it in the air: “it is not there to play 95 minutes, but it is to do so for 50 or 60 minutes at a good level. We will see if first because Aitor and Javi They did very well the other day, ”he said. Nerd, with a sprained ankle, he has finally not traveled.

As it was Tenerife's first outing, the coach was reminded that the previous year his Alcorcón It was one of the best at home. “It is almost impossible to match what we achieved away from home last year,” he admitted, “but we are going to try to win all three points in every game. Alcorcón will be a strong team this season in Santo Domingo“, notice.

Finally, he was asked about the type of match he expected. “It will be very even. They are not going to leave the initiative to us and neither are we to them. Alcorcón is good at set pieces and in quick transitions, so we will have to be vigilant. Mere has shown with Fuenlabrada that he was very dangerous from set pieces. He achieved 80% of his goals like this and every week they changed and looked for variety ”, he analyzed.