Imanol: “Imagine what Odegaard can do at Madrid”

Imanol Alguacil optimistically faces the visit of Real Madrid this Sunday to the Reale Arena. Take back Monreal and can count on his star signing, David Silva. Somehow the significant losses that the Real has are minimized.

Manage uncertainties: “It's all a bit difficult, half trembling with the results of the PCR tests to see who can play and if we can train together or individually. But it will be the same for everyone and we will have to adapt. For this week we have organized it in a different way, because we will go an hour and a half before to the stadium, We have provided a space for Real Madrid so that they can also arrive an hour and a half earlier. “

Silva: “He has a terrible desire, but he arrives a little fair. Although he already shows all the potential he has. But it is early because has been unemployed for a long time and has been with the coronavirus, it does not arrive in the best conditions, but yes to contribute, because I see him qualified to give us a hand “.

Real Madrid: “It is a very big team despite not having signed, he has a great squad, he is the league champion and you can never ignore himIt is his first game and he will be motivated to try to give a good image and start his season well. “

How is the Real: “A little better than on the first day, each week that passes we will arrive better, because being injured and COVID-19 we have not had continuity, so every week that passes we will be better. but with whom we are, we are convinced that we can make Real Madrid, despite its enormous potential. “

It's good to start so early against Real Madrid: “You never know. There will be years that yes and they have used that topic. And others in which they have started very strong. It is a mystery. In this case they will come with stiff ears because they know what it costs them to win in Anoeta and because they know what it takes to win over us. “

Physical demand: “I believe that our matches against Real Madrid the effective playing time is usually 60 minutesIt is a very short time, with stops and changes. They are different games, with different players, we have to show personality, and it will be very demanding and we will have to run a lot to beat them. “

Uncertainty for not knowing how to get to Madrid: “Yes, but just the right one, because I always give more value to what we propose. We know that we are going to meet, but having the same coach and the same players, we are able to adjust if they do something different. In that sense, we will be attentive to its possible eleven, assess possibilities of systems and model, and from minute one try to adjust. Some uncertainty yes, but just enough, because I give more value to what we do on the field “.

No audience: “Like all the teams that play at home, it is terrible to be without our fans and their absence will be noticed. But we are fully in the pandemic and we are adapted to playing without them, but we take it into account because we always play for them and their absence is a very important factor. We will miss them once more, and we have to assume it as soon as possible, whether there is an audience or not, we always seek the same thing, to win the game“.

Odegaard: “We'll talk to him later, I don't like talking before. And then we'll see if we talk, it depends on the result. If Odegaard was able to do what he did here at Real, imagine what he can be capable of in a squad like Madrid. He has a lot to do, but it looks good, but in this case we have him in front of us, and there is no doubt that if he plays, he will have to be taken into account, and we are all clear that he is contrary and we must stop him, but we will see if he plays or not “.

Future of Willian José: “I count on everyone, and Willian Jose is one more. But between now and October 5, a lot can happen. We are all to death with those who are, but this is long and many things can happen “.