‘Festina’, main sponsor and official timekeeper of Alex Pella’s ‘Victory Challenge’


‘Festina’ will accompany as main sponsor and official timekeeper the ‘Desafío Victoria’, the project led by the Spanish sailor Alex Pella and his crew and whose culmination is to establish the world record for sailing around the world sailing from East to West, according to They reported this Tuesday from the watch brand.

“For ‘Festina’ it is an honor to support a project as ambitious and significant as the ‘Desafío Victoria’, which commemorates the first circumnavigation of the world completed in 1522 by Juan Sebastián Elcano,” says Miguel Rodríguez, founder and president of ‘ Festina Group’.

The manager recalls that “this challenge not only crosses sporting limits, but also embodies a deep commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.” “We are proud to partner with sailors of Alex Pella’s caliber and trust that our watches will witness every moment of bravery and determination on the high seas, marking every second of this feat,” he adds.

The ‘Victory Challenge’ consists of other challenges before facing the trip around the world on the longest and most complicated route. First, Alex Pella and his crew, made up of the Frenchman Lalou Roucayrol and the Spaniards Alejandro Cantero and Alberto Muñoz, will chase the records of the Vuelta a Menorca in May and the Vuelta a España starting in Bilbao and finishing in Bilbao in July, while that at the end of 2024 they will look for the ‘Discovery Route’, which starts from the Bay of Cádiz and arrives at San Salvador Island, in the Bahamas.

Already in 2025, the MaxiCat ‘Victoria’ will compete in the so-called Elcano Trophy, which will be held by the boat and crew that obtains the best record in sailing around the world sailing towards the west, currently established at 122 days and which Alex Pella hopes to be able to complete in a hundred. All of these challenges will also have a strong message in support of sustainability on the planet.

“With all this, the alliance between ‘Festina’ and ‘Desafío Victoria’ represents more than a mere collaboration; it is a testament to how the passion for excellence, the commitment to sustainability and the desire to push the limits can come together to achieve great achievements,” the brand warns.