AFE demands to apply the Sports Law with Rubiales before his “inappropriate and unacceptable” acts


The Association of Spanish Football Players (AFE) criticized the “unfortunate episode” carried out by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, when he kissed the player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth at the medal ceremony for the champions of the women’s World Cup, and demanded that, if the president does not resign, the Sports Law be applied to acts “that are never appropriate or acceptable without the pertinent consent”, given the “vulnerability” of the soccer player.

“After the unfortunate episode carried out by Luis Rubiales with the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso and other teammates of the Spanish team at the women’s World Cup medal ceremony and the subsequent celebration, he wants to express and denounce that physical gestures directed towards a soccer player are never appropriate or acceptable in any context without the pertinent consent of the affected person”, began the statement on Rubiales’ attitude after obtaining the title.

The Association chaired by David Aganzo sees the kiss on the mouth of Rubiales to Jenni Hermoso as “especially serious”, as the footballer finds herself “in a clear vulnerability before a person who has a position of power over her when initiating an approach or making a gesture physical”.

“In the event that Rubiales does not resign immediately, AFE demands that the Sports Law be applied, since the events described are contemplated in it,” said the note shared by AFE, which cited and explained the point in which it is addressed. such situations.

Specifically, Afe refers to its first final provision/Modification of Law 19/2007, of July 11, against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, in which the actions that, on the occasion of the development of a test, competition or sporting event or close to its celebration, “involve harassment”, that is, “unwanted conduct related to racial or ethnic, geographical or social origin, as well as religion or beliefs, disability, age, sex or sexual orientation”, with the aim of “attempting their dignity and creating an intimidating, humiliating or offensive environment”.

In addition to citing these words from the aforementioned law, AFE requests clarity from the Higher Sports Council (CSD), an organization that reminded it of the existence of its ‘Protocol for action against sexual violence’, which “includes ‘kissing by force’ in point 5 (‘Situations, attitudes and behaviors related to sexual violence’)”. “Determining it as ‘unacceptable conduct that will carry immediate consequences,'” the statement said.

“From AFE we fight to eradicate this type of behavior and we demand that the relevant authorities adopt the necessary and forceful measures that an episode of these characteristics deserves due to its seriousness,” urged the entity, which advanced that “it will send a letter to the CSD to ask to manifest and act clearly” and “to find out officially and publicly if the law is going to be applied”.

From AFE, they regretted that “a unique and special moment of celebration” was “overshadowed by the inappropriate behavior of the president of the RFEF, which reduced visibility to the enormous sporting achievement.” They even fear that it could affect Spain’s candidacy to organize the 2030 World Cup, in response to the “unanimous and forceful social reproach of the international community.”