The eternal sacrifice of Olga Carmona’s mother: from her job as a bus driver to her silence in the World Cup final

They say that whoever has a mother has a treasure. For Olga Carmona, the one in charge of giving us the winning goal in the World Cup final, was not going to be less. When Olga started running after a ball, soccer was ‘boys’ sport’. At that time, very few did, but Carmona’s mother opted for the perseverance and determination of her daughter on the field. Now, 16 years later, she is a World Champion.

The person in charge of scoring the goal in the World Cup final has not had it easy. her mother, Olga Garciashe had to juggle her job as an intercity bus driver with her daughter’s training.

Since she was little, the current world champion spent three or four days a week training for an hour and a half. Noelia Carrillowho was her coach between 2011 and 2017, extols the perpetual sacrifice and support of her family.

“In the end, now it is more and more normal for a woman to play, but when Olga was younger, it was still not so well seen. So, that your family and environment support you, that you are mentally stable and do not have to doubt if are you going to play football or not, it’s super important,” he told The Spanish.

Noelia remembers with admiration how Olga’s mother has lived for and for her daughter. And although there are three brothers and they all played football, the team’s number 19 was not far behind. “I remember the effort of the mother to take each child to her side. She has always supported Olga the same as her brothers. She is a mother dedicated to what she has wanted for her daughter” she asserts.

Now, Olga is no longer a child, but her mother continues juggling to see her daughter succeed on the field. “I am moving sea and land to go to Sydney, my daughter has asked me and there I am going, my passport has even expired”, she commented between laughs to Radio Seville before the final, with the enthusiasm that characterizes a mother who has always been at all of her daughter’s games.

During the match, her mother’s intact smile hid tragic news: the death of the player’s father. Although the relatives learned the news during the journey, they decided not to tell Olga so that she could concentrate on the final. Finally, with the game over, the Federation made it public.