The beach luxury of Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva in Bora Bora: swimming with sharks, oysters, pearls and kisses in the sea

The honeymoon of Tamara Falcó and Iñigo Onieva has no end. Cape Town, Zambia, Tahiti. And now, French Polynesia. Onieva has shown some images in networks of Bora Bora that seem to be taken from a tourism catalog of this pearl of the South Pacific with turquoise waters and white sand like salt. The newlyweds, who have already returned to Spain, have made a trip to San Roque, Cádiz, where they tasted the creations of the chef from the Guardanés restaurant.

They are on homeland soil, but Tamara and Iñigo continue to celebrate their honey moon in the networks This time, the photo album was from Bora Bora. In the video we see arriving at a small paradise island with palm trees on the sand of the beach, bathed in crystalline blue waters. Tamara and her husband go on a small yacht, which she moors at the same pier. Isabel Preysler’s daughter, with her vintage white-rimmed glasses, is lying in a hammock. Her guide and her host shows them some large oysters and they extract from the shell the graphite-gray natural pearls, as big as marbles. Onieva is even seen trying an oyster while she swims in the sea.

Afterwards, it’s time to swim with sharks, scuba diving included. Wearing her snorkel goggles, Tamara and her husband kiss in the water. Everything is ideal. There is also a gastro moment. The newlyweds enjoy a snack on the beach, with minimal dishes of local vegetables and a lobster on the barbecue. The guide, with a machete, opens a coconut that he has just picked from a tree and gives it to the Marquise de Griñón so that she can drink the water from the fruit. Incredible images of comprehensive luxury in a trip designed at the client’s request. There is no lack of detail.