The whites did not sentence a match they dominated for 36 minutes and ended up falling to Joventut (83-86)

Carroll, with the ball, before Prepelic.


Real Madrid paid its tiredness for the tight schedule and ended up losing a game that dominated for 36 minutes against a Joventut who knew how to wait for his moment to prevail in the last four minutes. Prepelic with a triple tie at 81 to enter the last minute of the game, and Tony Wroten with another 3-pitch pitch ahead of Penya, 83-84. Another basket of Prepelic, after a strong defensive failure Madrid put the 83-86 final without the triple throws and Randolph or Laprovittola could take the team to extra time. (Narration and statistics: 83-86)

After the game, Pablo Laso He was very critical with his players: “We have not respected the rival at any time. It doesn't matter if we win by 14 points or anything else. They have thrown 16 more shots than us. We have made 17 losses, less assists than losses and they have been successful in the end, “the Real Madrid coach said crudely.

“It's a good lesson that you don't win with just the shirt. Even if he won, he'll be just as angry. Today you can't say anything good about my team. We have to recover quickly, “the technician continued.” The sensations are that we have gone behind them in all aspects of the game, “courage to close his critique:” It is not understandable for me that the players disconnect from the game. “

Bleeding and with little rhythm. That's how the game started. Real Madrid and Joventut took the pulse of the crash. Faults in defense of the green-black team allowed Anthony Randolph Think and almost write a book to write down two triples. Pablo Laso had ruled out Facundo Campazzo, Trey Thompkins, Jeff Taylor and Salah Mejri for the match, because the accumulation of matches – this week there is a double Euroleague day again – he runs over the players. Carroll He was the most prominent in the first quarter, with seven points, which allowed the Balinese to dominate 17-10.

In the second, Madrid played trumpets. When it seemed like he was going to break the game, he slowed down and let the Joventut reengage on the scoreboard, at which point he squeezed a little again to distance himself. The rebounding superiority of the targets was enough to reach the changing rooms with 42-34 on the scoreboard.

White domain

An incentive of the match was the test that Klemen Prepelic, a player assigned by Madrid to Penya, had to pass. He did it without penalty or glory in the first 20 minutes of play.

Carroll and Prepelic matched in the third quarter. Cathedral and aspirant. Present and, perhaps, future. While Gabriel Deck took advantage of a good run in attack to cement the Madrid advantage, 52-38 (m.23.30).

I did not change the landscape and when it seemed that Madrid definitely broke the game, Joventut, on his own merits and other people's debits, came back on the scoreboard even if without more, without fear, without trying to undertake larger companies. At the end of the third act, 70-61.

The game was embarrassed at the beginning of the final quarter with losses, bad decisions, failures and fouls by both teams. The marker narrowed, 73-68 (m.34.15). Laso liber of the game address cors a Sergio Llull, putting on track and at the same time to Nico Laprovittola, while Joventut, now yes, scared Madrid and for the second time in the game he put himself on the scoreboard, after the initial 0-3, 75-76 (m.36).

After a pleasant game came the pressure and nerves four minutes after the crash. A basket of Deck and a triple of Randolph returned to franchise Madrid, 80-76, in a pisps, but a triple of Prepelic put the tie at 81 with which he entered in the last minute.

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