The only urgency is to find a goalkeeper for whom you do not have to make a large investment and who will compete against Alex
Remiro. The rest can wait and the market will mark it. MD already published in its edition last Saturday that the club intends to sign a goalkeeper, a left-back and a winger if finally Januzaj does not renew, since they would seek to sell you, but the first and foremost thing is to find competition from Alex
Remiro because at Anoeta they understand that if no one leaves, the squad could compete as it is and would be extraordinarily competitive.

The intention of the football director is to try to have his squad closed for the start of the preseason, on July 8, at least with the goalkeeper signed. It is not easy because the market is very stopped and opportunities are not so easy to hunt when there is no intention to make a payment. If a suitable left-back is not found, there would be no major problem because, in addition to Monreal, owner of the position today, Aihen has one more year of contract.

La Real, logically, is also interested in speeding up the departures of Willian
Joseph, Sagnan Y Kevin and try to make as much box as possible with them


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