CD Tenerife overwhelmed a Real Oviedo (4-0) this Friday that could do little or nothing against the island team, which not only won comfortably, but also had numerous chances to get an even larger score.

The offensive solidity and, above all, the initial conviction of Tenerife was lethal for the team from Oviedo, whose adventurous pressure in just five minutes cost them a big shock: a pass down the wing from Bermejo to Pomares allowed the defender to face the area and assist Mollejo in a clear position to score at will.

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But this initial blow for the Asturians worsened shortly after, when they conceded the second goal, this time with Pomares again as the protagonist, since he put (m.14) a precise center from the left so that a timely Elady finished off with a header to network.

Borja was able to reduce the lead in the 22nd minute with a shot from the edge of the box, but Pomares’ foot deflected the ball for a corner, although Mollejo had a good chance shortly after (m.29), but his spur shot went wide by very little, while Mossa, in the final stretch, flirted with the goal, but crossed his shot too much.

Pomares, with a distant shot that put the goalkeeper in serious trouble, signed a sublime and intense first period for his team, to resume the game shortly after with another shock, this time for Soriano, but he was able to reject a clear shot from Borja.

The local Michel and his rival Borja also flirted with the goal at the edge of the seventieth minute, but their respective shots ran into the successful interventions of both goalkeepers, but already in the last moments, Femenía was surprised by Rubén’s distant shot, conceding thus the fourth and final goal.



royal oviedo

C.D. Tenerife: Soriano; Mellot (Moore, m.84), Sergio González, José León, Pomares; Mollejo, Aitor Sanz (Michel, m.56), Alexander, Bermejo (Shashoua, m.84); Elady and Enric Gallego (Rubén Díaz, m.67).
Real Oviedo: Femenias; Carlos Isaac (Jirka, m.67), David Costas, Dani Calvo, Mossa (Lucas, m.46); Sangalli (Borja, m.46), Jimmy, Luismi; Viti, Borja Bastón (Joni Montiel, m.84) and Obeng (Pombo, m.46).
goals: 1-0, M.6: Mollejo. 2-0, M.14: Elady. 3-0, M.79 Michel. 4-0, M.89: Rubén.
Referee: Óliver De la Fuente Ramos (Castilian-Leonese Committee). He admonished the local Enric Gallego (m.24), and the visitors Mossa (m.44), Carlos Isaac (m.61) and Lucas (m.73)
Incidents: LaLiga SmartBank matchday 24 match played at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium in front of 7,310 spectators.

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