Zozulia: “They called me fascist, then Nazi and soon they will say that I am fag”

Roman Zozulia returns to the news after the celebration of the match between Albacete and Rayo Vallecano.

Coat of Arms / Flag Albacete

At the conclusion of the match played at Carlos Belmonte last Saturday and ending with a draw at one on the scoreboard, the Ukrainian striker in an interview with a Ukrainian media charged against the fans of Lightning by pointing out that “When it all started I was a fascist. Then they started checking my facebook and I became a Nazi. Recently they called me racist and today I didn't listen but they told me that they yelled at me 'communist'; People don't clear up. Soon they will say that I am fag. Maricón is gay in Spanish. I'm already waiting for him “.

Zozulia already participated last December in the match held at the Vallecas stadium between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete which was suspended for insults to the Ukrainian footballer. The game is still undated for the second half to resume and those 45 minutes, The Manchego team must play with 10 players for being expelled Eddy Silvestre.