Zidane: “We are not here to shut up our mouths; we have to enjoy ourselves”

Zinedine Zidane appeared after the important victory of Real Madrid at the Camp Nou (1-3). The white coach congratulated his players on their victory and was satisfied with the match: “We played the perfect match.” These are the impressions of the French coach.

Madrid has claimed: “Yes, clearly. We have made the perfect match. There are three points, nothing more. Now you have to rest and enjoy. We are going to enjoy this just because and think about Tuesday because it comes quickly. With the criticism we have had these days… We have to be calm and play as we have to play ”.

It has been unfair to you or the team: “Very unfair, I don't know if with the team or with me … I am happy for the players, they are the ones who fight and when you see this pineapple it means that this team has character. Today we have taken it out as a team. I am proud of my team. I'm happy for the players. It's a team win. We had the perfect match ”.

Tired of being doubted about you? “In the end we had a good game playing with a team that we know is open, that played too. I'm happy for the players because that's what it's about in the end, after the last days of everything they said. The team after Modric has seen the team there, like a pineapple. They are the ones who fight in the field. We can enjoy what we did. “

It has been too unfair to the players or to you: “I don't know if it's unfair or not. In the end it will not change and we have talked about it so many times. I can be very proud of my team. We play with a team that in their field can get you in trouble and we have had two or three chances to score more goals. You have to enjoy after the comments they made. You have to rest well and think ”.

Explanation of what happened to the team in the last week: “Everyone can explain things. We had problems in the games before and it can happen. The thing to think about is what we did today. We want to repeat why we did it. Before we also played good games. Last year we had a lot of very good games and you have to connect with that, but sometimes you don't succeed. Explanations you do it every day. Today we can be happy and enjoy ”.

Do you think you and the team have shut up? “We are not for that. We are with our work, believe in what we do, be together when we have to be and that is what we did. We did it as a team, I am very proud of them, when defending we had a compact block and against a team like Barça. We have found gaps and in the end it's about that ”.

Bouquets: “We know what Sergio is, but not only as a player. We always want him on our team. I'm happy for the team. It is important to see the team play as they did today. We have achieved three points and the good thing is that Sergio has not had any problems ”.

Penalty to Ramos: “There is a referee, he went to watch the play and whistled a penalty. I never speak of the referees, whose work is difficult, and I am not going to start today. We deserve our victory because we finished 1-3, we were able to score more. We must think about our deserved victory ”.