Kepa continues from bad to worse in London

Kepa Arrizabalaga had minutes as a starter with Spain, but on his return to Chelsea screwed her up again, her new partner Mendy he took his place and Cech; yes yes the retiree Peter cechHe took down the gloves. There is no one who understands football. What today is celebrated as a real ‘signing’ despite having involved a disbursement of close to 80 million euros, tomorrow will be repudiated for taking away those goals from me there. What of
in the Chelsea There is no one that understands him.

I still remember an incipient 'Kepita’At a passenger control at the airport Tel Aviv answering the questions of an Israeli policeman in the company of his companions and part of the expedition of the Athletic, with
Marcelo bielsa
at the head, on different questions related to his stay in that country. Stay motivated by the shock of the Europa League between Kiryat Shmona and the rojiblancos. In that match played at the end of November 2012, curiously, he debuted
Aymeric laporte
like a lion.

The policeman in question came and went along a human corridor made up of expedition members from the Athletic asking about issues like if they had met someone in IsraelIf they brought gifts, if they had received visitors at the hotel, if someone had called them … Kepa, somewhat nervous, he answered in the middle of the group affirmatively to one of those questions and more than one thought how innocent. That promising 18-year-old goalkeeper left some time later Lezama prior payment of your clause to call at the Chelsea.

After a first campaign to ask of mouth, although its not to
to be replaced by
Willy Caballero
went around the world, the tranquility of the meta in London passed away with the arrival on the bench of
. To the idol ‘blue’, partner of
in USA, it did not enter him by good eye. From owner to substitute, ‘transferable’ poster, bulk errors, signing of
and to curl the curl, inscription of Cech, former goalkeeper and sports director of the Chelsea, in the Premier. From bad to worse.