Zidane: “Vinicius deserved it …”

Zinedine Zidane appeared in the Movistar flash interview to analyze the very important victory of Real Madrid in the Classic against Barcelona. The Madrid coach praised his team's game.

Sensations: “Very good feeling. Even with a complicated first part. There is also a rival. In the first part it was all matched and the second was very good for us. Offensively we were very superior. We were very good at the pressure. In the first part it cost us a bit. “

What was the plan? Exit by pressing?: “Against these teams is what needs to be done because if you let them play, you run behind the ball and if you run behind the ball it is very screwed.”

Vinicius was right: “Yes, rightly and I'm glad. He deserved it, an important goal against an important opponent. We were glad for him. I would have also liked Isco's shot to come in, but it was a stop for Ter Stegen. They played a great game. In the end it is a very deserved match. There are three points and we are happy with the match. We had to win. “

Mariano hasn't played much, today he has come out and scored: “Yes.”

It has not given him many opportunities: “It is true, but in the end today it was important. He has scored the goal and I am glad. It has not been easy for him because he has not played much. There is Jovic, who is ahead. Today he came out, scored and I am glad Everyone is happy for Mariano because he has given everything in the field. “

Are you now ahead of Jovic ?: “No, we are all here.”

Happy: “Very happy especially for the players. We had a week a bit complicated and the players have given everything today. It was a first part matched. We had Thibaut very well and in the second part we were very superior.”

Praise to the players: “They have given everything in the field. That is the most important thing for us. After this week we talked about we were going to have a chance and in the end we got it. The outside does not help anything. It is important that the team believes in what he does We have thought of keeping our goal to zero and having many scoring chances.

Message to the fans: “Thank you because in the end they know that they are important in complicated moments. From minute 1 to 90 they have been with the team. The Bernabéu is the Bernabéu. We are leaders. It is not the most important thing, but for morale it is important. In the end we will have other complicated games, but today we have to enjoy. “

Later, Zidane appeared in the press room of the Santiago Bernabéu.

Victory key: “We deserve our victory for everything we did, in defense and attack. The first part was matched, our pressure above was not perfect. In the second part we were better in pressure, in the opposite field. They don't like not having the ball. They are three important points. It was a complicated week and we had a chance to change that. But nothing will change, there are three points and we will have to fight until the end ”.

Vinicius and his performance: “All right. He scored an important goal on an important day and I'm happy for him. His effort not only above, but also in defense. It is what I highlight from our work. Strength is very important. The first is to defend together, we know that at any time we can have opportunities to score goals. The second part was clear to us. We did two and above all keep the goal to zero. Courtois proved fundamental. ”

Patience with Vinicius: “The conditions have them. Then what is said outside is not controlled and he knows it. It's very young. The criticisms are complicated but it's Madrid, I'm glad for him. He helped Marcelo a lot with Semedo. In the end it's the collective, that's what the game won. ”

Mariano and his minutes: “Everyone can comment. He is the third striker of this team. He had the opportunity, he did well but nothing changes. It is one more. He didn't have many minutes and I'm very happy for him. ”

Mariano, third striker, summoned before Jovic: “I am the person who makes decisions, nothing more.”

Victory: “We talked about having an opportunity this Sunday, this weekend. We comply with what we work all week. We thought that this could be carried out and that is what we did. It is a deserved victory and the rest will not change anything. We will have more difficult moments, they will criticize us but there is nothing new. ”

Importance for the City: “It gives us high, that's for sure. We're going to have league games before City, it's the calendar. But we will be ready for the return. ”

Mariano plugged in. Plug in those who do not play: “It's the message I have with them. For me all are important and I will think about it until the end. They work all week to be with the team. There are some who play less but everyone has to contribute something. Today Mariano did well. I would have liked Isco's goal but he had a break from Ter Stegen. Thibaut also made great stops … I'll count on everyone because they deserve opportunities to play on this team. ”

Fundamental for morality: “The reaction is important. The dressing room is not touched. It was complicated but we prepared this game well. That means the players are involved. Sometimes you have to accept complicated matches. We made 78 good minutes against City and you lose. And today we won playing well from the first minute until 90 but it means nothing, we must continue with what we believe. It will be complicated until the end, sure, but we have a great team. I have the best players and we have to prove it every time we have a match. ”

Importance of victory: “This victory is a good thing, positive, because we recover the leadership. For me that is not important, the important thing was to win because we needed it to reverse the dynamics. Therefore we are very satisfied but as I said before we have not won anything. You have to work, there will be complicated matches. But we are happy because the players did very well. I am very proud of them because it is not easy. ”

Courtois and its performance: “It's not just tonight, it's been quite a while. It is not that it saves us, but it does very well. With his presence under sticks we are all calmer. As we saw today he made three great stops that keep us in the game. We all know that those stops at that time are very important. “

Team pressure: “In the first half we did not press well, in the second part we did well, we pressed up and I think we have crushed them.”