Setién: “Defeat does not have great meaning”

Quique Setién spoke in the flash interview.

How did you see it?

“I think we have done a good first part. They have done it in the second. We have started the second part well but we have begun to make inaccuracies. Some losses have generated uncertainty. We have done things well in the first part, but not it could have been. We must congratulate Madrid for the defeat. “

Merit of Madrid or demerit of Barça?

“Sometimes it's both. Sometimes it's normal for you to fail, to try to play. But when the opponent squeezes you so much, it's not easy. They are intense players and you have to give them credit.”

Why do they suffer without a ball?

“It is not easy to defend and attack at the same time. We have managed to overcome them in the first part but then we have entered into a dynamic of errors and it has generated us distrust. Sometimes it also depends on the success. If the occasions you have do not put them and they they make it to you. “

When Messi does not appear it is more complicated.

“Leo is a very important player. We cannot be obsessed with being the only player. It is true that today he agreed that he could not be.”

What does this defeat entail?

“It does not have a great meaning yet. Now they are with a point and this can take many turns.”

Moments later he appeared at a press conference.

What happened to the team? “The most frustrating thing is having occasions and not marking them. In the first half we did things very well, we overcame the pressure and in the second part we did not. We generated possibilities to move forward and find the spaces. We arrived well but we did not succeed. In the second part we started well but then we made inaccuracies and we failed to overcome that intense pressure that did not allow us to move forward and caused us distrust of the losses. But even in those circumstances we had two or three occasions. In the end it could not be and congratulate the rival. “

Mental issue in the second part: “I do not know. It is difficult to assess because we had warned. We knew that Madrid has greatly improved that ability to steal after loss and squeeze. In the first part we overcome it with good resources, Madrid did not detect some players and we were calm Incomprehensibly in the second part I do not know if they have improved, we will have to analyze why.The reality is that we lost confidence, we entered a phase of nerves and gave the rival a lot of life.There was the game.This usually happens sometimes in the games, maybe not as pronounced but it happens in games of this level. The sad thing is that even in the worst moments we had two occasions. Then they got stronger at the mood level and in the end we could not find the way of the goal. “

Give air to Madrid: “We already said so much Zidane and I that this game would not be decisive. Last week we were two points ahead and now they with the goalaverage. There are many points left. It is a tough defeat because these matches affect losing them. But we have plenty of capacity. to overcome. There are many positive things to rescue today, the dynamics of the team is good. We had five or six occasions, it is not normal to fail them. The day the goals the matches change. “

Vidal instead of Braithwaite: “Because Arturo gives us some things that we understand that in the beginning of the game he gives us more control and defensive work. He helps us a lot in that right area with Nelson and Leo. Braithwaite is more offensive. It's true that the threat of starting Braithwaite it would be more valid with more spaces and we understood that the party would be aimed at having more spaces as it advanced and so it was. In the situation we were in, we preferred to have more control at the beginning instead of taking risks. “

The ball outlet has an advantage over pressure: “Not always, but it is absolutely proven that the benefit is greater than the damage, that's why we do it. In the first part we get it. The rival also when you take risks you know that he can harm you in some loss. But I think that at a team like ours, designed to have the ball, gives us more than the option to raffle it up because in 90% of cases you end up losing it. “

Improved version of Madrid, more aggressive: “We have not been surprised because he has been doing this year, it is an aspect that has greatly improved Madrid. Recover the ball more in rival field, it does not fall back like at the beginning of the season. They are records that have improved. It is what you want , to improve things. We saw that in the first part they tried without getting it and then in the second I give them merits but we were inaccurate, something that is not normal. I do not understand the change between the first part and the second. “

Messi, touched: “He has not commented on anything, I have seen him well. I have not perceived anything.”

How have you lived your first Classic? “Obviously one in this situation, in a game like that more than enjoy suffers. The result is uncertain, when there is an occasion of the rival you live it with tension. Just like when you believe it. But this does not alter the functioning of my life, I'm still happy. We lost a game that I didn't expect to lose but the option of losing is always there. We did things that didn't help us win, but life goes on. “

Changes in the front: “The first change was to take advantage of Martin's speed because they were grown in going forward. In fact, on his first play he stayed in front of the goalkeeper. Then in the other two changes we started playing with three up and three midfielders with two interiors. “

Problem with Messi, classmates are looking for him too much: “It is true that it can happen on occasion. But I prefer that the ball is always on the feet of the best because things always happen. Sometimes it is not appropriate, but there is always a greater benefit when the ball has Leo” .