Zidane puts himself in danger

The message leaked cautiously from the club's top leadership before the disastrous match against the Ukrainians was conciliatory and theoretically reassuring: “Zidane is not in doubt. The Cádiz thing was an accident. Full confidence in our coach ”. But at the break for Madrid-Shakhtar and with 0-3 on the scoreboard, the mobiles began to smoke. The President firmly believes that Zidane is the ideal man to wear such a heterogeneous wardrobe and with as many egos as Madrid has, but the traumatic defeats suffered by the whites against Cádiz and Shakhtar in Valdebebas have undermined a good part of the trust placed in the French coach.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Two days away from the transcendent Camp Nou Classic, what can fix the broken is a good result against Messi's Barça and a football that recovers the illusion of a hobby that is now irritated and jaded. Since the controversial sale of Cristiano to Juventus, Madrid has been in the second round of the Champions League for two years and now, after losing at home to the group's Cinderella theory, the ghost of the Europa League threatens the background as they are forced to defeat Inter and Borussia Moenchengladbach to avoid that blush. This was not the plan. With economic losses that exceed 190 million euros due to the absence of the public caused by the pandemic, to be out of the Champions League would be an added stick that the club does not even want to imagine. Zidane argues, and it is true, that in his short time at the head of the team he has accumulated 11 titles, with three consecutive Champions League titles. Something that places him with all the honors in the Golden Book of the history of the entity. But in Madrid we live in the present, and the current one looks bad. Very bad.

Zidane gave the green light to the departure of two of the best wingers in Europe (Achraf and Reguilón), he does not have an international like Ceballos and requested the signing of Jovic, the 60 million worst invested by Madrid in many years. Zizou himself said after 2-3 with Shakhtar that “I will be doing something wrong.” The leaders of the entity will transmit calm and support between now and Saturday so as not to interfere with the preparation of the Classic. But if Madrid accumulates a third defeat and above against the eternal rival, the situation would become dangerously entrenched. In Social Networks they are not oblivious to a debate that is already on the street. Pochettino, now without a team, became trending topic and the name of Raúl González, the home solution, was also repeated in many forums which is in Castilla. Only Zidane can reverse this situation by being able to bet on a fixed and recognizable team that is respected and does not show the weakness exhibited in four days against theoretically inferior rivals. Zidane's flower fades and will only be revitalized by a great triumph in the El Clásico on Saturday. There will be a lot at stake from four in the afternoon …