Vicky Losada: “Madrid is going to fight for the Champions League”

You return to the National Team after a long absence, how are you feeling?

It is a very happy moment for me, at no time did I think of forgetting about the national team, it is a goal for me. I've been here for many years and I want to continue making history with La Roja. At all times I knew where I came from, I have been in the elite for many years and had to be patient. It was the injury and then the COVID. It was understandable that other players were given way, I hadn't competed for a long time and the coach couldn't see me. Nor was he having minutes at Barça, so the key was to be patient.

He was out of football due to a major injury …

It was very hard, we were at Barcelona at a very high level and he appeared to me. After months I began to focus on the situation. Whenever I have achieved something it is because I have worked.

Did you decide to change any aspect after those months?

Although the diet had already changed years ago, it is true that from the injury I began to focus on foods that help me, anti-inflammatories, that help the post-game for example. In the gym, I am also surrounded by professionals who help me differentiate between pain and discomfort. Take it mentally, which for me is 90% of a player.

What are those foods?

I put a lot of ginger, a lot of turmeric, I have left out the red meat. I try to eat a lot of fish and control those foods that do not help inflammation, at Barça we train a lot.

“I eat a lot of ginger, a lot of turmeric, I've neglected red meat. I try to eat a lot of fish.”


How do you see the Euro 2022?

It's a weird feeling but the focus is now on qualifying, we have to achieve it as soon as possible.

How do you think Spain looks from the outside? Is it already a powerhouse?

In the World Cup it was shown, especially in the last game against the USA, my last with the National Team. It is a very different year, very difficult, each player will have to be very careful with this COVID, we will have to adapt to situations that are going to appear suddenly. We can still give a better version of Spain, we have to take quality steps little by little.

He knows the English league well, he played there for Arsenal Ladies. How do you see her now after Morgan's arrival?

It has always seemed to me one of the most attractive, for the player, for the spectator … now with these signings it has given him a plus. All of them are from players in the top 50 in the world, something that will give them quality.

“The English league has always been attractive but now with the signings it has a plus. They are all from the top 50 in the world”


Barcelona seems unbeatable in the Primera Iberdrola …

Due to the performance we are giving, it seems that there is a difference with the other teams, also this year we have started before them. We have a longer squad and there are many injuries. Those factors make the difference in soccer. Barça is betting a lot on women and that is what makes you win competitions. Still, the league is very long and has just started.

How do you see Real Madrid, are they already afraid of you at Barça?

I think Madrid is going to fight for the Champions League, obviously. It has players with a lot of experience, with the plus of foreigners that give the team competitiveness. But I also think it will not be easy because they have to get to know each other, start playing together, know where they want to go. Barça has been a professional for six years and Atleti spent three years beating us. People said we had everything to win but changes were needed, 8 signings were made and that was key. Still, I think Madrid is ready to be among the best teams in the Primera Iberdrola.

-The Champions League is the pending subject, what is missing?

After playing against Wolfsburg we realized that if you have one you have to put it in. We are aware and we talk about it inside the locker room. I think we are in the right direction.

-Have you thought about quitting football?

No, it is true that there are times when you have such serious injuries there are mental lows. In the elite the injured little by little is moving away, because the competition continues and is normal. But it is true that you wonder if everything you are doing is worth it for the reward. Soccer is that. I've never been a player to lower my arms.

“Life after football is going to be complicated. I'm not ready yet”


-How do you imagine the future?

It will be complicated, I have the case at home with my partner, retired after half his life dedicating himself to it. It is a very difficult moment for the player, I am not ready yet. I try to prepare for it, I have my campuses and other projects.

-The best memory of your career….

In the US it was my debut with the NY Flash, I was player of the week with two goals and one assist against Washington, I played right winger. And in the Premier, the Cup final we won at Wembley against Chelsea, it was very nice.

-World Cup of Canada or France?

I'll stick with the one from Canada. I have been fortunate to have lived through two very different eras of women's football. The most difficult moments are the ones that have taught me where to go. Sharing a dressing room with great players.

-Any name to highlight?

Melisa Nicolau, Ruth, Erika or Sandra Vilanova.