Zidane: “I am convinced that we are going to pass the phase”

Zinedine Zidane appeared after Real Madrid's agonizing draw against Borussia Mönchengladbach (2-2) that gives life to the Whites in the Champions League. These were his impressions.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

They have turned the game around: “The team is what they have shown. The reaction. The first part was very good, the content has been good. The pity is that we conceded the first goal, but we continued to think it was possible. Still 2-0. That means the character of the team and very proud of them. We always want to win, we are not happy because we want to win, but we have to be happy with the content ”.

Complicated moments in the game: “We had possession in the first half but we didn't have many chances. We deserved the draw for sure, but a little more maybe. I take the reaction. It is an important point ”.

Status in the group: “We know the situation. We are in the same position as last year. We know that by playing like this we are going to get things out. In the end the content has been very good. It is the most important thing. Everyone thought that you could draw and win ”.

Effort management plan: “It's clear, we know the games we have, we don't stop. But that's what there is. That is why it is going to be a difficult year for everyone. We must be proud today. 2-0 in a difficult field, returning to the game and scoring two goals signifies the character of the team ”.

Later, the coach spoke at the post-match press conference.

What happened to the team, which started well and then went down: “We played a good game all the time, the whole game. The first part was even better than the second. We have been missing something, because in the end it is true that we did not score. You have to be proud of the match. Is not easy. They were looking for the backlash. We controlled it quite well, but on one occasion it was difficult. Even losing 2-0 we believe in the game plan and I think the content was very good. We deserved the draw “

Ramos as forward: “We know that in certain situations it can be up. We have lacked that, he always brings a plus. Inside the area can be dangerous, also pressing up. We have had Rafa, Fede … Balance. We have done well. They are resources that we have and that we must take advantage of. We have to take our discipline out, thinking that we could return in the game. Show character. Playing like this we will achieve important things, for sure ”.

Convinced to pass: “Well… Let's do everything to get through. As usual. We cannot be happy, what we always want is to win. But you have to see the contents and today was very good. I am calm because they have given everything. There is no easy game today. We have to keep working, to our thing. Playing like this we are going to do very good things. I am convinced that we are going to pass the phase, of course ”.

If it's enough to tie at 93 'to be happy: “The important thing is that you always ask to find something. In the end we don't care, the most important thing for us is to keep working. I am happy and proud. You have to do your job, we have ours. I will always answer the same thing, this will never change ”.

He lacked forcefulness in the areas, in defense and attack: “We have had all of that. We missed the goal. This is what happened. At our loss, they are good in counterattack. The first one puts her in the squad, what are we going to do. It's soccer. What interests me is the reaction, what we did. With 2-0 in the Champions League, it's difficult to come back and that's what we did. I'm calm, if we play like this we will do things and win games ”.

Hazard, if it was the plan he played: “He just started playing. It is his first game after much away. The plan was to try to play and little by little is what we have to do. Give it little by little. In what way, I don't know, we'll see. We will see how we play every three days ”.

Asensio: “He played a good, dynamic game. In driving it is a danger. We know its qualities. We were all very good. I think it's just a blow, you don't have to be more concerned ”.