“Bartomeu has died killing”

Jordi Farré, a candidate for the presidency of Barça and promoter of the vote of no confidence, has gone through the microphones of “El Larguero” from Cadena SER after the resignation of Josep María Bartomeu.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Satisfied: “Happy because this bad dream is over, but there is nothing to celebrate. A new stage begins in which we want to manage the club.”

Bartomeu's departure: “I had no doubts. Before starting the process, we were clear that people were tired of Barçagate, the Messi case …”.

Vote: “Today has been left over and it has already been unpleasant because they asked us to vote in favor of skipping the club's statutes and with that they would have opened the door to do so. They only had to call the Pope.”

Bartomeu: “He took me to the Civil Guard saying that he forged signatures. Bartomeu has died killing. It is a way of not knowing how to lose.”

Political conditioner: “From the first day I have declared myself to be independent, but Barça is not an actor in this. Bartomeu bothered me as president. I don't want to politicize the issue. Barça is a transversal entity. When Bartomeu accuses of aid I would like him to He will show it. He has been the victim of not accepting his problems. “

Present: “We have a project, a team, the desire and the resources. When we explain the project we are going to lead the club.”

Club out of politics: “Barça will be totally out. To do politics we have politicians. They offered me to be the councilor and I rejected it. One is my ideas and another is my job and I want to work for Barça.”

Penalty like El Clásico: “We have lost relevance in the institutions. We have to make the VAR behave the same in all situations. Nobody has understood the regulation for a long time. We have to work so that everyone is beaten the same.”

Messi: “He will never leave the club. He has to be linked for life. Madrid knew how to take advantage of Di Stefano. He will earn more money being linked to Barça. Leo is the history of the club and must have one more statue bigger than the stadium. “