Zasca of Ana Rosa’s troublemaking nephew against Sonsoles Ónega: “Others go without publicity”

See Quintana He returned to his aunt’s set this Tuesday with darts for everyone: Ana Obregón, Marisa Martín Blázquez, Miguel Ángel Nicolás and even Sonsoles Ónega. The latter, when the director of TardeAR I cut it off to make way for an advertising block: “Well, put the spots on, nothing happens. But I tell you one thing, there are other people who go without advertising, let’s see if you learn.”

The ‘zasca’ for the competition has been the finishing touch to another ironic and scoundrel intervention by Kike, who has been happy with the guest of the day, Ana Obregon: “I’ve been looking at her in profile and she looked like a reborn baby, as well as plastic”. “Can’t you do something normal or say something nice?” Ana Rosa asked him. “No, because I’m your nephew, so make me look at it,” replied Kike, who then took the opportunity to also criticize his own aunt: “Let this be the last time you bait me like yesterday, when you said I was going to go out, and then I didn’t.” “You take me out. That you do it to Marlasca who came from La Sexta and you have made him pay with the small table, well, but that you do it to me, I am your family…”.

Miguel Ángel Nicolás and company have not been spared either, who starred in a sonorous dance on the occasion of the Princess of Asturias awards last Friday, Ana Rosa’s day off: “Let’s not even talk about Friday’s program because it’s meant to be recorded on a DVD and set on fire. But is Michelangelo okay? Because it seemed like he had been possessed by Beelzebub. But what he steps on very hard is his dignity.”