Silvia Bronchalo ‘disappears’ from the map: she has not visited Daniel Sancho for weeks

Key week for the Spanish chef, who pleaded guilty to killing and dismembering the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta last August. The Prosecutor’s Office presents charges against Daniel Sancho this Friday the 27th; A few days later, he will be transferred to the Koh PanGhan judicial facility for the second time since he was imprisoned.

It is unknown if this second outing will coincide with his father’s stay on the island. Rodolfo Sancho landed in Thailand this Tuesday with the Spanish lawyer Marcos García-Montes although he has not yet seen his son. Just as he did the first time, the actor and the lawyer made a stop in Bangkok to resolve administrative procedures. Among others, the hiring of a Thai lawyer to defend the interests of Daniel Sancho in the case after the withdrawal of Khun Anan, who was initially appointed to him.

And it is not the only mystery that is in the air: Daniel’s mother, Silvia Bronchalo, has been ‘missing’ for weeks. His absence these days in Koh Samui could be attributed to the arrival of Rodolfo Sancho (it is known that there is not a good relationship between the two), but the truth is that the Telecinco reporters sent to the island and stationed at the prison doors affirm that They haven’t seen the former actress for weeks. It is unknown if he has returned to Spain or if, on the contrary, he continues in the country in a very discreet manner, but this absence coincides with the statements of the prison director, in which he stated that Silvia’s visits stressed Daniel: ” With his father he is calmer.” At the same time, Daniel authorized his father to make all decisions on his behalf, leaving his mother aside.

The charges and the trial

The Prosecutor’s Office will present the charges against the young man this Friday, October 27, and then the judge will read them directly to the accused, who must appear with his lawyer a few days later. They ask for the maximum penalty, capital punishment, because, as reflected in the preliminary report, they consider premeditation in the murder of Edwin Arrieta to be proven.

Daniel will be transferred under strict security measures after spending three months in Koh Samui prison, where he waits for the trial to begin. The date of the same will also be revealed to you in this appointment.