Zach Wilson’s “unbelievable” return as starting for the Jets was a big win.

Zach Wilson’s “unbelievable” return as starting for the Jets was a big win.

Zach Wilson, the quarterback for the New York Jets, played the way that people expected him to in the No. 2 pick in 2021, even though he has been benched three times and been called a first-round bust by fans and the media.

“Zach was unbelievable,” coordinator Robert Saleh stated after the Jets beat the Houston Texans 30–6 at MetLife Stadium, ending a five-game losing run.

Wilson passed over 301 yards and two scores in his first game back after being out for two games. His passer rating (117.9) as well as completion percentage (75% of passes completed) were both career highs.

Three times in 32 games, he threw for 300 yards, but never in a win. Saleh said it was Wilson’s best game ever, and his friends were talking about how tough he was afterward.

Wilson, who wasn’t stressed out because of how the company had treated him, told his teammates he was going to play with a grudge as well as for the team. That was heard in the changing room.

“He said, ‘I’m playing for you guys.'” Edger D.J. Reed said, “I have nothing to lose.” He asked, ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen should I get benched again?’ He played that way and said that. It was clear.”

“He said it promptly this week: F it,” guard Laken Tomlinson said. Have fun when you’re outside. Put everything out there.”

It was a surprise for both the Jets (5-8) and Wilson, who had a rough nine game stretch before this one.

Wilson played like Aaron Rodgers in the last 30 minutes, even though it was tough. At halfway, the score was 0-0, and Wilson only threw for 92 yards.

In the second half, he went 18-for-21 for 209 yards as well as two touchdowns, which was the most yards he had ever thrown in a half in his career.

Offensive coach Nathaniel Hackett made changes to the game plan, which let Wilson throw first. Wilson led the NFL’s first two touchdown drives in the second half, which was a big deal for the Jets.

Before Sunday, they hadn’t scored more than one field touchdown in eight games in a row. From 2000 to 2018, the team had 18 games without scoring three offensive scores. This was the team’s end to that streak, which was tied for the longest since 2000.

“Today was a great day to just play football, and I can’t say that’s happened very often in my time here,” Wilson said.

Wilson made 27 of 36 passes without throwing an interception. He only had one mistake: he lost a fumble during a rush.

Wilson’s replacement, Rodgers, came in during the off-season, but Wilson had to play in Week 1 because he tore the left Achilles tendon. The Jets got away to a 4-3 start, but Wilson’s attack was having trouble.

After losing to the Buffalo Bills in Week 11, Saleh took Wilson off the field in favor of Tim Boyle, who had never played in a game before. This decision failed with two ugly losses.

Wilson said in public that he knew why he was demoted, but teammates say that behind closed doors, he was upset.

According to The Athletic, Wilson didn’t want to take over again when it was clear that Boyle would be sitting down. Wilson said it was “absolutely” not true.

Teams said he took greater hazards than normal on Sunday because he was playing with a goal. The bravest thing he did was at the beginning of the third quarter.

As the game got closer, Zach Wilson’s teachers told him to play with a “let it go” attitude. On that play, Zach Wilson showed what it means to “let it go.”

He rolled to his left and threw across his body to the middle for the field on a third-and-12 play.

The pass went to wide receiver Garrett Wilson, who gained 25 yards. That made it possible for the first touchdown, which was a 15-yard pass to randall Cobb.

“As a coach, you’re constantly like, ‘Don’t throw those,'” said Wilson. “They go the other way sometimes.”

I think the best time to throw it is when you trust that it’s there. Bad plays will happen from time to time, but you have to believe them and let them go. It’s a part of sports.”