Pilar Rubio, teeth teeth in the face of rumors of crisis with Ramos: “I don't have time to deny nonsense”

Presenters and star faces of Atresmedia met this Monday at their Christmas dinner. Pilar Rubio came accompanied by Pablo Motos and the rest of his companions The Anthill. The question was inevitable: how is your situation with Sergio Ramos? It must be remembered that crisis rumors have exploded in recent weeks as a result of the presenter not attending the Latin Grammy gala held for the first time in Seville with her husband.

The collaborator left the party accompanied by the presenter and the producer of the program, Jorge Salvador. “It has been wonderful and we really like uniting here with all our classmates,” she said while she couldn't stop laughing, knowing the questions that would come next. Regarding how these important dates are presented taking into account the information related to her marriage, she said: “Christmas is presented as always”.

Next, he went on to deny the rumors of a crisis or possible separation with the Sevilla player. It must be remembered that there has also been talk of the existence of a third person: “We are fine as alwaysI can't tell you anything else. Look, what we work with in this program, that this man [Jorge Salvador] and this man [Pablo Motos] They have me rehearsing and working all day. I don't have time to deny nonsense“.

It was also commented that after Christmas they would announce the separation, waiting for these dates to pass for their children: “That's what you write down, how do you do that?” he responded with laughter.. The presenter from Torrejón de Ardoz finished, now with a more serious face: “Oh, my mother, we are really well, we are very well. Everything is fine and I know that We cannot be denying nonsense every day“.

The rumors, as we said, arose as a result of her not accompanying him to certain events. The last few years have been marked by changes in the center's team. He left Real Madrid in the summer of 2021 to head to PSG, which is why both of them, along with his four children (Sergio, Marco, Alejandro and Máximo Adriano), moved to Paris.

For this season they have experienced another change, that of the defender's return to Sevilla. However, it is well known that Rubio does not feel special devotion to the capital of Seville. She herself has dropped it on occasion. The last one was last April, when Ramos traveled alone to enjoy the Fair with her friends and family while she stayed in Madrid visiting museums: “I'm more into the Book Fair,” she told reporters. . In September of this year, during the player's presentation by his new club, Pilar's serious face already gave a lot to talk about. Ramos, this Monday, also denied the rumors: “Everything was very good,” she said.