Zach Wilson’s girlfriend, Nicolette Dellanno, is happy about the quarterback’s win as the Jets’ starter: “Always happy”

Zach Wilson’s girlfriend, Nicolette Dellanno, is happy about the quarterback’s win as the Jets’ starter: “Always happy”

Zach Wilson’s biggest fan is celebrating the Jets’ huge win. Dellanno wrote, “Always proud of you two,” next to a picture from MetLife Stadium that showed green fireworks in the background.

As soon as Wilson’s return as starting quarterback helped the Jets pull off an upset win in the Texans on Sunday, his girlfriend Nicolette Dellanno shared a message of support on her Instagram Story.

Wilson hit 27 out of 36 passes over 301 yards and two scores in his first outing since November 19. His team won 30–6. The Jets won their fifth game of the season, ending a five-game losing streak.

On Sunday, Zach Wilson got another chance to be the Jets’ starting quarterback, and he made the most of it. He led the Jets to an amazing 30-6 win over C.J. Stroud and the Texans of Houston.

The BYU star and former No. 2 pick in the draft threw for 301 yards and two scores by the end of the game. Wilson totally came back from a bad game and is trying to keep New York’s title hopes alive.

The New York Jets recently beat the Green Bay Packers 27–10. Zach Wilson and the team were very happy about the win.
Wilson is one among the NFL’s youngest players. He was picked up in the 2021 draft. But Wilson’s off-field friends have also gotten a lot of attention, along with his play this season.

Fans turned their attention to Wilson or his friend Nicolette Dellanno after the team won. The social media star posted a look back at her fall on Instagram and fans loved it right away.

A lot of people have become fans of the model, but Wilson isn’t in any of the pictures. Since they hadn’t said for sure that they were dating, people had to guess what kind of relationship it was.

However, people seem to be on Team Dellanno even though they haven’t been told for sure.

Fans are expecting some kind of reveal soon since the two were hanging out together all the time. Dellanno’s Instagram has a lot of pictures of Zach Wilson. She even went to games with the quarterback, who is 23 years old.

Fans seemed to be very interested in Dellanno as well as her style this week. Some people told her nice things on Instagram, while others did it on Twitter.

It’s great that Zach Wilson as well as the New York Jets have a 3-3 record going into the bye week.

The Jets have had a good start to the season, even though Aaron Rodgers hurt his Achilles in their first game against the Buffalo Bills.

With a big win over the NFC-leading Philadelphia Eagles, the team’s toughness really showed.

The Jets players are enjoying their well-earned bye week, and their playoff dreams are still alive, which gives fans hope.

Even though things are going well, Zach Wilson has been criticized for what he did over the break, especially for spending time with his lover, Nicolette Dellanno.

Before the Week 8 game against the Giants of New York, Shaun Morash of WFAN said bad things about Wilson.

Morash said it straight out: “Zach Wilson, who is about to have the busiest time of his career, thought it would be a good idea to take his girlfriend for Utah to pick apples and pumpkins and visit haunted houses…” I’m sorry, but the #Jets smell bad after their byes.

Zach Wilson is becoming more well-known in American football, especially as a great quarterback. The young player, born upon August 3, 1999, in Draper, Utah, has quickly become well-known for his skills.

Wilson’s love for the sport began in high school, where he was a great quarterback and showed off his amazing arm strength, accuracy, and ability to make quick decisions.

He played well enough on the field that college recruiters took notice, and he finally agreed to play football to Brigham Young University (BYU). Wilson kept getting better at BYU and became the starting quarterback of the Cougars.

Among his many impressive skills were the ability to make accurate throws, move quickly through the pocket, and guide his team to important wins.

He was seen as one of the best QB prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft because of how well he did in college and how many awards he received.

Wilson played in the National Football League (NFL) after the New York Jets picked him with the second overall pick in the 2021 draft.

He swiftly established himself the starting quarterback for the Jets and lived up to the high standards that came with his move to the NFL.

Zach Wilson’s story shows how hard he works and how much he loves the sport. Zach Wilson’s huge potential and highly expected future within the NFL are clear even as a young quarterback.

His story is an inspiration for people who want to be athletes because it shows how hard work, ability, and determination can pay off in the quest for athletic excellence.