Kevin O’Connell, the Vikings coach, says Justin Jefferson was no longer in the hospital and will go home with the team.

Kevin O’Connell, the Vikings coach, says Justin Jefferson was no longer in the hospital and will go home with the team.

Once Justin Jefferson got back on the football field, he got hurt again so badly that he had to leave the game. There he was, the fourth-year receiver in the blue tent. He then walked back to his locker room.

The Minnesota Vikings had to wait two months until their star receiver to come back from a leg injury. On Sunday, he played toward the Las Vegas Raiders but lost again after less than half for the game.

There was a third down in the middle of the second quarter. Quarterback Joshua Dobbs found Jefferson up the middle for 15 yards. In the middle of the play, Raiders safety Marcus Epps raced across and hit Jefferson so hard that he fell to the ground.

With a lung injury, Minnesota lowered his status to “out,” and they later said that Jefferson was being taken to the hospital.

When asked about the injury after the game, Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell told press that the early results were good.

O’Connell also said that Jefferson would be getting more tests, but that Jefferson was released from the hospital and would be going home alongside the team.

Minnesota decided to play him following the team’s Week 13 bye week to give him more rest.

Jefferson returned from the initial hamstring injury of his career, so he was very careful not to play again until he felt fully healed.

On November 28, the Vikings took him off of injured list and gave him 21 days to come back.

At the same time, O’Connell was additionally trying to figure out which quarterback would be best for the team.

One of the most important things he looked at was which quarterback would be best for Jefferson’s skills.

O’Connell chose to keep Dobbs in charge of the ball and change the strategy to fit the journeyman. Jefferson, who had one catch for 27 yards, was open for the hit he took because Dobbs threw the ball high.

Nick Mullens took over for Dobbs late in the game and helped the Vikings win 3-0. Jefferson has 36 catches for 571 yards as well as three scores in five games this year.

Jefferson, who was named NFL Offensive Player Player of the Year last year, has 36 catches for 571 yards and five scores in five games.

Before 2023, he had three straight seasons with 1,000 yards, but that run could end soon if his injury gets worse.

With a record of 7-6, the Vikings are currently in the thick of the play-off race in the NFC. Before they lost their best wide receiver a second time, they were still trying to get over the loss for quarterback Kirk Cousins.

When the Minnesota Vikings All-Pro wide receiver hurt his leg, he missed some games. He returned in Week 14 against the Las Vegas Raiders.

But his return had been short-lived because he hurt his chest in the second quarter in his team’s 3-0 win and couldn’t play again.

Additionally, Jefferson was taken to the hospital over “precautionary reasons.” It’s not clear how bad the injury is, yet Jefferson was seen leaving the field after getting hurt.

Jefferson’s illness is another in a long line of terrible accidents for Minnesota. Jefferson missed seven games because of a knee injury.

The offense also took a lot of hits when quarterback Kirk Cousins and running back Cam Akers both hurt their Achilles and had to go on injured reserve.

The wide receiver Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings was hurt in the chest early in the second quarter and couldn’t play in Sunday’s 3-0 win across the Las Vegas Raiders.

Tom Pelissero, the host of NFL Network Insider said that the players then took him to a nearby hospital as a safety measure.

Head coach Kevin O’Connell told reporters that Jefferson was able to get back with the team and will go home with them. This was the All-Pro’s first game back after missing seven games with a leg injury. He caught two passes for 27 yards.

Jefferson hurt himself while making an amazing 15-yard catch in the middle for the field. Marcus Epps, a safety for the Raiders, hit Jefferson just as he was coming down with the ball.

The star wide receiver for the Vikings writhed on the the ground before going to the benches and into the purple medical tent to be checked out. When Jefferson left the game, it was tied at 0-0.