Yulen Pereira, surrendered to Isabel Pantoja after meeting her: “I had a great time, she is very nice”

The relationship of Anabel Pantoja y Yulen Pereira It works like a charm, and good proof of this is that the influencer wanted her aunt, Isabel Pantojamet her boyfriend before the singer headed to Miami to start her tour In love with you by the United States, during which his niece will be his personal assistant.

The “official” presentations took place during an informal meeting held this Monday in a central restaurant in Madrid, after the singer rehearsed with the symphonic band that will accompany her in her upcoming performances.

The fencer left the meeting place smiling but did not go into detail about what impression his mother had given him so much. Kiko Rivera like his brother Augustine Pantojawhom she did not know until that night: “Everything very well,” she said and only confirmed with a brief “yes” that Isabel was happy about her imminent return to the stage.

After her official presentation to the singer, and Anabel’s departure to Miami with her aunt, Yulen Pereira has attended the concert presentation OMG! La Liga Music Experience with his colleagues in survivors, Anwar Beno e Ignatius of Bourbon and, much more talkative, he has finally told how his first meeting with “auntie” Pantoja was like.

“I thought it was very good. Very nice, very nice. The whole family was very nice. We were all there, also Agustín, and they are very nice people, they had a great time,” he explained. The young man has revealed that during his meal he took the opportunity to wish the tonadillera “all the luck and that he do very well in all events.”

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Yulen is going to spend a whole month without Anabel, and although she does not hide that she will miss her while she is in the United States with her aunt, “in the end it is her job and she does what she can. She and her entire family now have a very big and very important job, in which I wish them the best”, said the “new” nephew of the singer.