You to Abu Dhabi and I to Los Angeles: the Infanta Elena is looking for a house for Victoria Federica outside of Spain

The forced ‘exile’ of froilan to Abu Dhabi after his controversial nocturnal revelry does not seem to be the only one that is going to take place within the Marichalar y Borbón family. The way of life of Victoria Federica It would also have put the young woman on the list of possible marches out of Spain.

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And it is that according to the paparazzi Sergio Garrido in Fiesta, Dona Elenaas the infanta likes to be called, can’t take it anymore with the public exposure of her influencer daughter and, therefore, she would already be looking for a house in another place far from our country.

Vicmabor, as the granddaughter of Don Juan Carlos on social networks, “she takes control of her life, but her mother is deciding where to send her daughter,” says Garrido, who also adds the two destinations being considered: the United States or England.

“Infanta Elena is very upset with the life her daughter leads and feels very alone at home. They do not make plans for mother and daughter because she can leave the house on a Wednesday and not return until Sunday,” explained the collaborator of the Telecinco weekend program.

Given this information, Paloma Barrientos pointed out that the young woman is continuing her distance training at an American university and it would not be unusual for her to go there: “It gives me the feeling that she could leave and continue working through her communication agency.” . “I understand that she wants to go to Los Angeles,” added Garrido.

While Fiesta debate Vic’s future, she is enjoying an ideal vacation in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The influencer of the royal family has traveled there with one of her best friends and, through her Instagram account, she has shown us the paradisiacal beaches of the place and has dared to pose in a bikini.