Confirmed: Ana Obregón’s daughter is not registered with the surname Lequio or the name of Sandra

In the adoption document Ana Obregon signed when her daughter was born by surrogacy, it is recorded that the baby has the name composed of Ana Lequio and his only last name is Obregón, exactly as anticipated Informalia in scoop last April 1days before Ana Obregón herself said in the exclusive sold to Hola that the newborn is his granddaughter, conceived from his son’s sperm Alesswho died three years ago, and her name is Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón.

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The program Fiesta has reached the same conclusion after confirming the news reported exclusively by this digital and verifying that, indeed, the baby appears in the adoption document as we said: Ana Lequio (name) Obregón.

It is one thing for the girl’s mother-grandmother to refer to her as Ana Sandra and another is the official name with which her daughter appears, because legally in the United States she is her daughter, and not her granddaughter. No document reflects that she is the daughter of Aless, we only have the word of Ana Obregón. We can believe it or not.

“In the United States, as a general rule, only one last name is allowed and in this case, the one requesting that adoption is Ana García Obregón, who appears before the court as Ana Victoria Obregón, with only one last name. In that document it is collected, without any another clause, the name of Ana Lequio Obregón. That is, only with the surname Obregón. This is how the girl is registered at the moment the adoption of the girl is formalized”, confirms the journalist Saúl Ortiz in the Telecinco program.

Now, Obregón, according to Beatriz Cortazar who assures that he has been able to speak with her, throws the stone in the roof of his lawyers so that they resolve the “controversy of the documents”. That is to say, it seems that the actress is already aware that in Spain there are laws that are quite foreign to those of the country in which the little girl was born. “She tells me ‘my daughter has an American passport and a Spanish heart. If this causes me problems, she is not going to destabilize me because 100% of my energy is taking care of her,'” says the journalist.

how we publish, Maria Dolores Lopez-Muelas, member of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers, warns that the Civil Registry of our country can challenge the registration of a girl who is the son of Ana Obregón, since it is considered to be contrary to the Spanish legal order. The Prosecutor’s Office could oppose it because of the precedent it may set. The assisted reproduction law says that postmortem fertilization must be requested by the deceased’s partner and could not be carried out 12 months after the death of the father.