Yolanda Díaz and Sumar denounce Luis Rubiales after his kiss to Jenni Hermoso for “serious infringement”

Second complaint of the day for the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. The first was Miguel Galán, director of the training center for CENAFE coaches, and Yolanda Díaz followed in his footsteps: “From Sumar we have denounced what happened with Mr. Rubiales before the Higher Sports Council for a serious infraction,” said the second vice president of the government of Pedro Sánchez. “Sports federations are subject to the Sports Law and the CSD must act so that machismo does not go unpunished.”

The document, signed by Sumar’s parliamentary spokesperson, Marta Lois, stresses that the Spanish Football Federation has approved an action protocol against sexual violence that includes “kissing by force” and “inappropriate body contact, hugging, squeezing, etc. “. They also point out that Rubiales is subject to the sports law and that he not only exercises a private role, but that he is “responsible for carrying out public functions by delegation to the Spanish government.”

The complaint is addressed to the president of the Higher Sports Council, Víctor Francos. They ensure that the CSD has the powers over economic and administrative control, but also over the discipline of state-level sports entities. They describe what happened as “an act and an alleged aggression that has been publicly denounced by political authorities, the national and international media and by public opinion, for having occurred on the stage where the medals were being awarded to the players and before the cameras and the eyes of everyone present, journalists and viewers”.