Maximum tension between Piqué and Shakira: “There will be movements in the coming weeks”

The former soccer player and the singer have enjoyed a relatively quiet summer after signing a custody agreement over their children milan and sasha to spend time with them in the summer season but the new course that begins promises war. The reason? Pique y Shakira they have important differences on key points and neither gives their arm to twist.

They assure that the tension between them has increased significantly and their lawyers are working against the clock to avoid a new conflict. At the moment, no more details have been revealed about the issues that keep them on the warpath, but they will soon come to light: “We will see new movements in the coming weeks”said the journalist Lorena Vázquez.

Some media point to the supposed clause that Shakira imposed so that the children did not have contact with Clara Chía, a fact that sources close to Piqué and Shakira have already denied: “That is not true, there is nothing written or signed. Another thing is that The father has decided to go slow and enjoy time alone with his children to make everything more natural and less traumatic for them, but there is no imposition from Shakira”.

What is undeniable is that the outlook is complicated for the president of Kosmos. With his children living in Miami, he will have no choice but to “live” on a plane because, according to the custody agreement, he has the right to share 10 days of each month with them. Children will only be able to travel to Spain during the holidays, of which Piqué has 60% compared to 40% for Shakira.