Xisco returns to Uruguay after a three-month hiatus due to COVID-19

The Spanish footballer dthe Peñarol Xisco JiménezHe returned to Uruguay on Thursday after spending almost three months in his country after the suspension of Uruguayan football due to the arrival of COVID-19.

In this way, the striker and figure of the Aurinegro club He must remain in preventive quarantine and undergo a test to later join the team led by former soccer player Diego Forlán.

Jiménez, who had returned to Spain on March 22 to take shelter there with his family, arrived on an airline flight Mistresses What did stopover in Brazil. The footballer had planned to return a few days ago but problems with the paperwork delayed the arrival.

Uruguay has been having good results in its fight against COVID-19 since the health emergency was decreed on March 13, when the first four positive cases were discovered. It has 850 positive cases (although it only has 12 active cases) and 24 deceased people.

The good figures of the South American country allowed the authorities to start drawing up health protocols for the return of activities.

Thus, all First Division clubs tested all their footballers and officials for a COVID-19 test and gave negative results in their entirety.

Therefore, this Monday both the Peñarol de Forlán and the rest of the teams returned to training and now the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) is studying when will be the official return to the activity of the Opening Tournament, who had disputed three dates until his suspension.

At the end of these first days, Peñarol occupied the eighth position with a victory, a defeat and a draw. The return of the official activity, although it is estimated that it will be without an audience, will have the peculiarity that it will be with the Uruguayan soccer classic between Peñarol and Nacional.

Although the AUF intends that this return be on August 1, The Uruguayan National Sports Secretariat announces that, probably, the return will be for the 15 of that month.