Toni Kroos, the king of the core

Toni Kroos It has returned as a shot after the break due to the coronavirus pandemic that has paralyzed soccer competition for three long months. The German player is, along with Varane, Casemiro and Karim Benzema, the only outfield player who has completed 90 minutes in the two games played to date. If against Eibar he was in charge of opening the scoreboard with an early goal, against Valencia, the ‘8’ white gave an exhibition of judgment and organization and fully assumed command of the white core. Luka modric, his partner in the engine room played infiltrated between the Valencian lines acting as playmaker.

The 100 successful passes he gave Kroos yesterday against Valencia so they testify. He had a success of 95.2% of his shipments (he only missed 5 in 90 minutes) and 71 of the passes he made went forward. Taking advantage of the escort of his squire Casemiro (which ended the game with a not inconsiderable figure of 88 passes completed), Kroos he dropped by the area of ​​Valencia very frequently to the point that he was the player who finished the goal the most (3). In addition, he won the five individual duels he tried, I create two occasions and finished a total of five times, the most of Madrid.

(+) These are some of the best goals that Toni Kroos has scored in the league:

The German international, accustomed to occupying the left profile of the white attack to arm the circulation of his team, is beginning to weave a great society with Eden Hazard. The Belgian received 16 passes from Kroos In the 82 minutes that coincided on the field of play and from their connection, Madrid began to dominate a Valencia that fell apart in the second part. Hazard, meanwhile, made 14 shipments to German.

Kroos is sweet and he appreciates it Real Madrid, who has found a rudder in the medulla almost infallible.