Xavi: “Madrid won’t win LaLiga by chance”

Xavi Hernandez, coach of FC Barcelona, spoke to the media in the press room before the match, corresponding to matchday 34which will face the Blaugrana team with Javier Aguirre’s RCD Mallorca at the Camp Nou.

Is it time to win again at the Camp Nou?: “This week has gone well for us to recover people from fatigue. On Monday we were very sad but we have been improving. We have lost two golden opportunities to go to the Champions League. Tomorrow is a very similar scenario. We need to win to recover sensations and come back to win and make an effort. Since I arrived everything has been finals, but you have to cover goals”.

What is the plan with Ansu?: “He will be on the list. He is very good, very good feelings, he has made a very good change. He will play at least a few minutes, he is happy and so am I because he makes the difference”.

Have you spoken with De Jong?: “Frenkie scores and he has to make a difference. We had a very good face-to-face talk and he was calmer. I understand that the change frustrated him, but this is about performance and he has played excellent games this year. I don’t see many players like him around world level. For me it is very important”.

Should Ansu be the one to pull the car?: “They all have to go their own way. It’s clear that he is special and different and it’s a shame not to have had him. I don’t understand football like a crack and the rest. I understand it as players at the service of a team. If we have only one to pull the car, when that fails, the car doesn’t pull…”.

Why are there so many injuries? “Pedri was injured in a game, Piqué has a tendon and we’ll see how he feels tomorrow, Sergi Roberto isn’t relapsed but it’s a muscular issue, Nico broke his finger in a clash with Ansu. It’s a shame, but that’s what happens in football and then there are two with COVID and Ousmane had tonsillitis and we’ll see how he is tomorrow.”

Do you think Madrid will be champion today?: “If it is, we’ll congratulate them, LaLiga is not won by chance. They would have been better because this is a long competition and usually the one who deserves it wins. Next year we hope to compete more”.

Where does Ansu fit you the most?: “On the wing and as a number ‘9’ he is good. He has a goal and he has to be close to the area.”

Do you see the players motivated?: “Yes, we try to motivate them with challenges. If we score in the first 20 minutes, if we leave a clean sheet, we play dinners. As Cholo said, those who have the most desire will enter the Champions League and we are a team built to win, but We have to motivate ourselves because this is our situation.”

What do you think of Koeman’s statements?: “I can’t change his feelings. I wasn’t there and I don’t know what happened. I have great respect and admiration for him for coming in the situation that he came in. Everyone has to support Barcelona. He did very positive things. I feel the support from all levels. It seemed that we had touched the key and suddenly we have lost three games. Now we have to show personality and Barça”.

What process has Ansu followed?: “He had a plan since he opted for the conservative process. We control fat, nutrition, muscle power and for now the sensations are very good. On Thursday we tried it in a game and it worked with very high speed peaks.”

What do you think of Aguirre?: “Very honorable, very honest. A guy who gets performance out of his players. A defensive profile that takes advantage of set pieces very well. He works a lot on aggressiveness. He has won important games. Tomorrow he touches another bone”.

What happens in the final stretch of the season?: “You have to bring out the personality. They want to win, but there are situations that weigh on us. We have to keep improving.”

How do you see Adama?: “I don’t know what will happen to him next season. I focus on now. He is helping us, he is differential and special. I am very happy with him”.

How do you explain the step backwards?: “If you shoot 28 times and don’t score, it’s not because you understand the game. It’s effectiveness. Against Rayo and against Cádiz they were games that had to be won. Another thing is Eintracht, against whom we weren’t good”.

How do you interpret the role of the far right?: “We have the capacity to overwhelm, Ferran attacks the spaces better and also Memphis. We have to insist on the idea. It can be improved.”

Can Riqui be seen now?: “He has more chances, there are fewer midfielders. Everyone has to be important and he too.”

Missing defense reinforcements?: “Next year’s reinforcements tomorrow won’t help us. Let’s focus on what we have.”

How do you plan the season?: “We’re already doing it. There have to be two players for each position.”