To Cibeles thinking about City

Real Madrid has many ballots to proclaim itself champion of the League for the 35th time in its history today; he needs to add a point against Espanyol in a Santiago Bernabéu that will be overflowing. On Thursday afternoon there were no tickets available, a few appeared that released members who would not attend, but they were placed quickly.

Win it today or later, it will be Madrid’s second league in the last three editions: the one for the 2019-20 season was already signed up, which was completed in the summer immediately after confinement. On that occasion, due to the special circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the white club sent through its own means the request to the fans not to come to Cibeles to celebrate the title, to avoid crowds at a time when, without vaccines yet, social contacts could be problematic. And the Madrid fans responded in an exemplary manner: there were practically no people at Cibeles, and many chose to surround the fountain with their cars for a few minutes to celebrate.

In 2022 the situation has improved a lot, to the point that it has returned to normal practice that will allow the Madrid fans gather in Cibeles to celebrate the league title. From Real Madrid they prefer not to officially transfer any specific celebration plan, appealing to due respect for Espanyol.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Neither Almudena, nor Community, nor City Hall

But the merengue plan, if the necessary point is achieved against the parakeets, is to celebrate the title at the Bernabéu, with the classic images of the players on the pitch with their families, to then go to Cibeles in a convertible bus (The weather will accompany: a maximum temperature of 25 degrees is expected and practically no chance of rain).

The time of the duel, which will end just after 6:00 p.m., will also help so that the celebrations do not involve staying up all night, with the second leg of the Champions League semifinals against City, in which they have to come back from 4-3, on Wednesday. The proximity of this duel will cause the protocol visits to the Almudena Cathedral and the headquarters of the Community of Madrid and the City Council postponed until after May 4.