Xavi: “I am not free from anything because I was not in prison”

The coach celebrates the passage to the second round of ‘Champions’ and taking a “step forward” in confidence


The FC Barcelona coach, for the club, leaving behind two years in a row falling in the group stage, and on the other hand he reiterated his desire to continue working despite the constant pressures at Barça.

“I feel satisfaction, they are not releasing me from anything because I was not in prison. I have a feeling of joy, of tranquility, of doing things well. We are progressing and it is the progress of the project. Very satisfied with the second part, I think it is the way I think we have found a lot of what we were looking for and the players are also happy, today is a day to be happy. We have seen a very good Barça and also qualified for the second round, after two years it is to be happy, yes, but not liberated “he said at a press conference.

“We have not qualified for two years and this is a joy, it is a success. The first objective of this competition has been achieved and now we are enjoying it and enjoying it because there are teams that are suffering and are not yet classified. So happy, satisfied, happy and waiting for the draw and try to finish first in the group to finish the group stage well and wait for the draw,” he noted.

Regarding the game, he believes that they controlled the second half “very well.” “The players have understood it very well, and the second half has been very good. We take a very important step forward beyond the classification, which means a lot for the club, for the players, which is to fulfill the first objective of the season in this competition, which is the ‘Champions’. The game is good. The game is good and we take a step forward in confidence. It was time to play further forward, more cheerful, take a step and I think the second half is very good “he reiterated.

“We took a step forward in confidence, I have also told them that we had to be more daring, filter more passes inside, which is where Pedri or João Félix were. The centre-backs often go to what is comfortable and play behind, and it was time to play further forward, to be more happy because we had to win the game. I think the second half is very, very good. It is very important to take this step, it gives peace of mind, confidence, morale and above all to the players who can do it. believe. We compete in ‘Champions’, we advance from the group, not yet mathematically first but we want to stay first, but it is a very important step,” he added.

In addition, he highlighted the good play and level of a Porto team that he would not want to cross paths with later. “We are seeing how the other groups are going, the difficulty that all the teams have in qualifying. It is very important, the team has grown, it is evident. We are doing things well. Today is a very good game, against a great team “which is Porto, which if I’m not mistaken will go far and will fight. It’s a big step forward for the entire club, as a staff, the players, everyone. I think it’s a day to be very happy and satisfied,” he said. sincere.

“We have to remain humble, knowing that things have been done very well, but others not so well. Yes, we have conceded more than normal, but there was a great team in front of us. Porto has also suffered a lot in defense, I would say. “I think we have generated a lot of clear shots to win comfortably. We have to give continuity to the second half, I think we have to be braver, more daring, filter more passes, always find the free man,” the coach said.

As for João Cancelo, probably the best of the match, he assured that he played “a super game.” “He has been very good, I think we have generated a lot from his side, the tie came just one minute or two minutes after conceding the 0-1, which has been one of the keys for me in the game, and well, he has been extraordinary, he has made a difference. On that side Joao Félix has also been good, incisive, he had a very clear chance in the first half and then the goal, which yes, in some way, well yes, he frees himself up a little,” he pointed out, in this case, about João Félix.

Xavi considered that, facing the next matches, they should look more for Robert Lewandowski, who disappeared against Porto. “We have to look for Lewandowski more, I think we have to filter more steps towards the ‘9’, he also has to have the ‘timing’ to come, to unload and from the area. He is an extraordinary area finisher, one of the best of recent years worldwide. Therefore, we have to look for it more, we have to generate more things,” he argued.

On a personal level, he assured that he was fully convinced of moving forward with the project. “In the staff we always joke that we are earning peace of mind vouchers until the next game. And this is like that, it is Barça. Now it is a voucher until Sunday. This is Barça, well, hey, peace of mind, “We dedicate ourselves to what we can control. Nothing more. We are very happy today, very content. I think it is an important step in the project,” he said.