Week 13 AP NFL power rankings: The Eagles remain atop thanks to Jalen Hurts’ MVP performance.

Week 13 AP NFL power rankings: The Eagles remain atop thanks to Jalen Hurts’ MVP performance.

Initially, Tom Brady was saying the types of things we’ve grown use to hearing from aging relatives over the Christmas dinner table—until Alex Smith emerged and buried Brady.

Then there was the absurdity of the Dolphins-Jets pick-6, which will go down as a play that many will never forget.

Finally, the Chiefs pulled off the most absurd move of all: they scored against the Raiders on multiple possessions in the second half.

The lone one-win team in the league fired its coach. The team with just one loss made its second exciting comeback on the week.

However, the Panthers defeated the Texans earlier this season, while the Eagles fell to the Jets. Parity is a little strange.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers are worlds apart right now, with the former undergoing yet another coaching change and the latter winning the Super Bowl and coming back stronger than any other club in recent memory.

That would be the scorching Denver Broncos, who were tied with the Panthers for the most wins not too long ago.

The Broncos now have a three-game road trip ahead of them as they attempt to storm ahead into the playoffs.

That is to say, since Halloween, the Power Rankings have undergone many makeovers; this week marks another one, and we plan to add several more throughout the holiday season.

If there’s one thing the NFL campaign of 2023 has taught us, it’s to stay agile in this area. They will, however, need to overtake the cunning Colts, who were 3-5 prior to going on a three-game sweep of their own.

Even after having to rally from a 17-7 hole in a game following a dull first half of play, the Eagles are 10-1 and remain the greatest team in the NFL.

Philadelphia will need to rely off depth, quality, and adaptability at several spots if they want to make a deep playoff run.

There won’t be another top team the the NFL after the Eagles defeated the Bills 34–31, although the 49ers, Cowboys, and Ravens all improved.

Dallas and San Francisco continue to lead the NFC across the league, and Baltimore advanced even further with their convincing victory over the Chargers. The winning quarterback had nevertheless torn.

With a full schedule of games and no byes, NFL Week 12 offered a fantastic chance to evaluate all 32 clubs at once.

There was a lot to take in, beginning at the Thanksgiving tripleheader, going on to the Black Friday surprise, and ending with a packed marquee Sunday.

The quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles had just completed his seventh career game-winning drive. Hurts now had five touchdowns on the day (two running, three passing). His yardage overall is 265 yards.

In overtime versus the Buffalo Bills, he drove his team downfield and finished the chase with a 12-yard rushing score, racing up the middle on the field to secure a 37-34 victory that gave his team its 10th victory of the year.

Hurts remarked subsequently, “I shake my head and sometimes I don’t really know how to feel because I only want to lead and play upto the standard at all times.” “That’s why I find it strange,”

Hurts clarified that he felt strange since, while he recognized that a team victory was exciting, he wasn’t convinced that his own performance called for such humor.

Hurts knew there was very little room for error in the NFL, a parity league, which made him feel uncomfortable.

He knows just where the threshold is, even as he keeps leading his squad to the correct side of that margin.

Hurts declared, “The standard is pretty damn important, too, but succeeding is the only aspect that matters.”

Throughout the entire game, we had the chance to do that, but we chose not to. However, we took action when it mattered most, and I’ve learned to just grow and learn from it.