Xavi Hernández: “What they have suffered to play football and world champions in such a short time”

The Barça coach describes the achievement of the women’s team as “spectacular”

“Yamal is very prepared to be important”


The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernández, praised the Spanish women’s team after winning the World Cup this Sunday, a “spectacular” achievement after “suffering” to play football and in a very “short time”, while celebrating the triumph of his team (2-0) against Cádiz with an “important” Lamine Yamal.

“I join in the congratulations. I think the praise is few, world champions. You have to bet on them. They have played very well, I am happy for Jorge Vilda, for Rubiales, for the Federation, for all the players who have participated and for the pioneers. Those who had a hard time playing football as a woman. It’s spectacular. I’ve seen it with my wife and I’ve been moved,” he said.

The Barça coach was asked at a press conference about a Spain that made history as he also achieved as a player, winning the Women’s World Cup when until this edition they had never gone beyond the first match. “What they have suffered to play football, world champions in such a short time. You have to give them more ball. What they have achieved is very important,” he said.

Regarding the match against Cádiz, Xavi confessed that it was complicated and that they improved in the second half, with more patience to look for the goal. “We had to maintain the position, a center-back had to establish. At half-time we corrected, we had more patience, it wasn’t about attacking first. When they plant the barrier, time is lost and there is no rhythm, it’s hard,” he said.

“We have not been well, we have had clear chances, in the second half we have been better. In the end we have risked and that pass from Gundogan to Pedri came out,” he added.

In addition, the Barça coach was asked about a Yamal Lamine who was a starter and an outstanding player despite his 16 years. “He’s a very mature footballer despite his age. He didn’t score a goal today because Ledesma plays the best game of the season. He can make a difference, it’s not easy, but he is a talent who is very prepared to be very important for the team regardless of age”, he commented.

Xavi also spoke of a Robert Lewandowski who will “score” and of a Ferran who has to take advantage of his opportunity, as he did this Sunday, making it 2-0 at discount after a few minutes on the pitch. “Since he arrived, Ferran has been an example. At any moment he can touch you, they all entered well. Maybe the next day he will have a little more. You always ask me about the one who doesn’t play. It’s competition between them. You have to be prepared and Ferran has demonstrated it”, affirmed.

On the other hand, the culé coach referred to the premiere of the Olímpic Lluís Companys as a new home. “They have encouraged until the end. 40,000 people, it is positive that we are united. It is a positive point, that the people come. It is a good start, the people are going to be encouraged”, he pointed out, happy with the game of three centrals for “take risks” and avoid another goalless match like in Getafe.