Albert Rivera, devastated by the death of his father: “We are broken”

These are very hard times for the former leader of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, after learning of his father’s death. Agustín Rivera died due to a heart problem at the age of seventy-one in Malaga. The ex-politician would go there to watch over his father and be with the rest of the family.

Despite serving those attending the funeral home, Albert Rivera left the building to thank the press for their support and respect. He was devastated and verbalized how they are living these moments saying “we are broken”. With a serious face, he shook hands with the press professionals while he received their condolences.

Before going back in and meeting with his family and friends, he assured that it was being “a very difficult day” for all of them and confessed that they were still assimilating the news. Albert Rivera He received the support of his closest circle on this day so full of emotions, in which we could also see Malú leave the funeral home after showing his support.