William Levy’s great change: before and after grafting hair (among other touch-ups)

Handsome he is. With hair or without hair. William Levythe protagonist of to keep of streaming woman-fragranced coffee He suffered from androgenetic alopecia. Ten years ago, when she was 32, she decided to go into surgery to undergo a hair transplant treatment.

5,000 hairs would have implanted the actor, who has a legion of fans in networks of 11 million. Levy, 42, has a very common type of baldness, androgenetic alopecia, which consists of abnormal hair loss (about 100 a day and is also characterized by weakened hair). Up to 95% of cases correspond to this typology. Among the causes, in addition to genetics and hormonal, there are also stress or iron deficiency.

In addition to the graft, the interpreter would have had other aesthetic touch-ups: such as an injection of vitamins in the facial area, lifting the cheekbones and filling dark circles. This is how Dr. Gómez Villar relates it in Socialite.

William, who last summer was close to the actress Vanesa Romero, in Marbella, as Informalia publishedis about to premiere the popular telenovela on Telecinco.