Paulina Rubio, center of a wave of memes for her video “pooping” on the beach and “cleaning herself with the stones”

Pauline Rubio She was caught a few days ago in a compromising situation. Judging by the pictures, he gave the Golden Girl a squeeze and relieved her on the beach. Although she tried to go unnoticed, she did not succeed and some images captured the moment.

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The video was broadcast this weekend by the new TV show Emma Garcia at mediaset, Fiesta. In this, the singer of Not a single word crouched down, entertaining with her own and, later, using the stones of the beach to finish off the job.

Social networks have been in an uproar with this video of Colate’s ex. This Wednesday the subject continues to be discussed, placing it in one of the top positions in Twitter trends. Comments and memes for all tastes, like the ones we show you below.

Paulina continues to focus on her projects. She is currently a jury member of the edition of Univision of Look who is dancing. His last album so far, Desirepublished it in 2018. On a personal level, last July he cried for the death of his mother, Susana Dosamantesmythical Latin American soap opera actress who died at the age of 74 due to pancreatic cancer.