William Levy responds to his ex’s latest taunts in the midst of a storm over their separation

The Cuban actor has gone from being the heartthrob of soap operas to a real-life villain. After 20 years of marriage, Elisabeth Gutierrez y William Levy They have put an end to their relationship and not exactly on good terms. She accuses the father of her two children of continuous infidelities and bad habits, as reflected in a video recorded outside her home a few days ago during an episode in which the police had to appear. This Tuesday, Elisabeth broke her silence to reveal new details of her breakup and he, of course, has not remained silent: “A toast to my two lives, the one I have and the one they paint me”he has written on social networks.

A brief statement by William Levy to respond to an extensive interview by Elisabeth in the American version of Hola. “I always bet on my relationship. I loved William. It is not a secret that he was the love of my life. I have always bet on it. Currently we are not together. For my part it was never because there was no love, but because I am not the same 20-year-old girl he knew. What we want at this moment I think is different,” says the still wife of the protagonist of Café con aroma de mujer. “I will always wish him the best. And whether he is with me or not, I want to see him happy and smiling. But there are things that, if they don’t change, I think you have to change and that is the option I had to make.”

Through tears, Elisabeth assures that breaking up her marriage has been one of the “most difficult” decisions of her life but that there is no turning back: “I’m surviving. I couldn’t give more. I did everything. There were wounds that had not been healed. A relationship is based on love and respect and when one of the two fails, that’s when we’re in trouble.”. And he also talks about his children: “Obviously, it was not ideal, I think for none of us, but things happen and you have to move on… You have to show that even if you feel defeated in some way, you have to keep your head up high and move forward.”

Precisely about them, Christopher (18) and Kailey (14), the actor has also spoken online: “I only care about what two mouths say and those mouths tell me ‘Calm down, dad.'”