Darling Arrieta denies a romantic relationship between Edwin and Daniel Sancho: “My brother did not have sexual inclinations for men”

In the middle of the trial against Daniel Sancho for the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta In Thailand, the surgeon’s sister has traveled to Spain “to raise her voice” and defend the memory of the Colombian whom, according to her, many want to tarnish. After passing through FridayDarling sat down on the program this Tuesday Code 10 and has surprised everyone with a hitherto unpublished statement: “I knew my brother and he had no sexual inclinations towards other men.”

The commentators, surprised, insisted that the motive for this crime is precisely based on this romantic relationship, but Darling has been blunt: “I can’t imagine that she could be with another man. Once, in Argentina, he had a girlfriend”. “And why did he kill him?” they asked then. “For the money, perhaps, for the business they were going to set up…” she responded. “Daniel talked about some sexual videos that my brother threatened to spread… I don’t think they existed”. And he added: “My brother was a Marian man and if they say all those things it is because he is dead and cannot defend himself, just like they say we are a family of drug traffickers.”

Furthermore, Darling reflects: “If a person is harassing you and doing those things to you that Daniel says, why do you go on a trip with that person? What you do is file a complaint so that they do not approach you”. And he also asks himself: “If my brother attacks him and he falls, why does he dismember him? Why doesn’t he ask for help? Why does he hide the documents from him? He wanted to make him disappear, not leave a trace.” . The Colombian assures that her brother was a tender and happy person: “He was not aggressive. He was never involved in a violent episode”. And he points out: “This man took my brother to Thailand to kill him, because my brother did not even arrive at his hotel, he did not register, Daniel took him to his bungalow and killed him.”

Edwin’s sister has also responded to the latest statements from Carmen Balfagon, one of Daniel Sancho’s lawyers, who claims that this story has claimed six victims (Daniel, Edwin and their parents). “There are only three victims here: my parents and my brother. Where is he? My parents couldn’t even say goodbye to him, give him one last kiss, touch his body… Daniel’s parents can do all that.” Darling said hurt. And she ends: “We do not ask for capital punishment because only God gives you life and takes it from you, but we do want justice, life imprisonment, and that if at any time Daniel must be extradited, it is to come to a Colombian prison, because Colombia is the victim’s country. In Spain, given the influences and so on, he would be on the street very soon.