Why Emiliano García-Page divorced in 2020: the sentimental outskirts of the wayward PSOE baron

Emiliano García-Page At 55 years old, he is the new critical scourge from within the PSOE against the Government of Pedro Sanchez and his own party. The president of Castilla-La Mancha, very close this Wednesday to several autonomous colleagues of the Popular Party in Fitur, places the head of the Executive “on the outskirts of the Constitution”, words for which he was immediately reprimanded among others for Oscar Puente. The Minister of Transportation and former mayor of Valladolid said that the person who is on the outskirts of the party is García Page.

On issues of regional financing he is aligned with three conservative barons. It is by no means the first time that the wayward baron stands up to the current leaders of the socialist formation in which he is a member. After all, before the elections of July 23, when the need for the PSOE to count on the votes of Junts to invest Pedro Sánchez became evident, Ferraz thought the same thing that the president of Castilla-La thinks now. Mancha: that the amnesty is outside the Constitution. It's not Page who has changed his mind.

However, the public display of this discrepancy has political consequences that are well known to the veteran Toledo leader who has been in the office for many years and winning elections, as he claims against the current PSOE apparatus. Emiliano García-Page ha He has often been on the verge of breaking with his party but has held on. The same thing did not happen to him in his private life: he broke up with his wife just over three years ago after he was accused of having a relationship with Raquel Ruiz López, mayor of Elche de la Sierra in Albacete.

The point is that the president of Castilla-La Mancha ended his marriage to Yolanda Fernández, whom he had married in 1996, at the end of 2020. His ex-wife is the daughter of Ramón Fernández Espinosa, the first socialist mayor of Puertollano after the transition , a position in which he remained until 1991. After almost a quarter of a century together, the president of Castilla-La Mancha decided to leave the marital home and rent a property alone in the Toledo urbanization of La Legua.

A twin brother

During the pandemic he was already separated, and Page placed his residence in the house set up in the Fuensalida Palace for the president of the Board. Yolanda Fernández then asked for respect for herself and for her two children from her marriage: a girl and a boy.

Considered José Bono's dolphin at the beginning of his political career, Page has been very critical of some of Sánchez's decisions long before the controversial amnesty law that led to the crossed attacks this Wednesday. The man from La Mancha expressed that approving the accounts with Bildu “did not have a pass” and has never hidden his discontent and disagreements with the policies of his party partners in Moncloa such as Pablo Iglesias or Yolanda Diaz, highlighting that it was regrettable that they set the agenda and pace for the Executive.

Emiliano García-Page He was a councilor of Toledo, a deputy in the regional courts, a senator, vice president of the Board and mayor of the imperial city before holding the position that holds the only absolute socialist majority. Born in 1968 into a humble family, sHis mother was a housewife and his father worked as a bookbinder.

He has several brothers, one of them is his twin brother, Javier, who works in public relations for companies. Another, Mario, is a professor of Morphology at UNED. Graduated in Law, politics was the profession that led him to meet Yolanda Fernández, who was his wife from 1996 to 2020. During their marriage they had two children. The oldest, Raquel, was born in 1998 and graduated in Medicine in October 2022.