Given the official opacity about Kate Middleton's health, her surroundings speak: it is a “serious surgery”, but “she will recover”

The opacity on the state of health of the Princess of Wales, 42 years old, raises all kinds of rumors. Since last January 17, when Kensington Palace announced the “abdominal surgery” scheduled that the princess underwent, there have been no updates. Not a single statement that clarifies how Guillermo's wife is.. Kate is on the cover of People with a portrait in which he appears wearing a yellow American jacket. He headlines the magazine that her operation “seems serious,” but “she will recover.”

According to a source close to the Royal House to which the aforementioned magazine has had access, “It seems serious, given how long Kate has been hospitalized. But she is in good hands, they will take good care of her and she will have support at home. She is a young woman and she is in good shape.” And adds the same source: “I'm sure he will recover.”

The princess, who underwent surgery on January 16 at The London Clinic, will remain hospitalized for another week and will be out at least until Easter. Her husband has cleared her schedule for a few days to look after her and her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. “Family comes first. Work comes later,” she told The Times. Photo below, the heir's first visit to the hospital.

When she is discharged, Kate is expected to spend her first few weeks at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. This is a historic but small four-bedroom residence located near Windsor Castle in Berkshire, chosen by the Princes of Wales and their children for its good location and discretion.