Which of the less common players can be key in the restart?

The Atlético de Madrid will resume shortly the competition. He will do so with the aim of finishing among the top four finishers. Yes or yes. To be next season in the Champions League The viability of the next project will depend because the economic income derived from it is required.

The fact is that for the mattress box, the depth of its squad will be key in the resumption of the competition because many games will be compressed in a very short time. Rotations will be vital and the contribution of all team members will depend a lot if the objectives are finally achieved.

Simeone He has always boasted that his preparation proposal is focused on players who do not have so many minutes usually give their best version when they leave, either from the beginning or in games from the bench.

“A missing coach was saying, one of the most important in the world, as Luis Aragones, that in the last ten games the big tournaments are defined. For that we must be efficient and stable. What the integrated methodology is looking for is that stability. For those footballers who compete less, our priority with them is to maintain a state of high form, an intensity similar to that which they will find in the competition of matches and to try to give it through motor skills, whether speed, endurance but over all strength, because we believe it supports both speed and endurance. Also integrate situations of the game so that when the technician has them, they have a high rhythm. We have achieved our great results with the rotation of footballers in which the one who integrated did it even better than the outgoing one. That is our intention, that it is a very equated group and that it is ready to compete ”, he recently explained Óscar Ortega, preparer of the Athletic, in 'Esporte

There are several names that during the season have not had the prominence that was expected of them. But all of them will have a new opportunity in these 11 matches The league that remain, and at least one more in Champions. Who will take advantage of the opportunity? Which player will be the one who manages to redeem himself and become that frames
Llorente who started the course without so many opportunities and is now one of the pillars of the team?

Diego Costa, Héctor Herrera, Yannick Carrasco, Santiago Arias, Víctor Machín, ‘Vitolo’, or Thomas Lemar
they have outstanding accounts, they have to take advantage of the opportunity before them to demonstrate that they can be important.

In the case of Coast, for example, points to headline in San Mamés. Thomas Lemar you could also have your chance or even Yannick Carrasco, In case Angel
belt don't be ready for your injury.