Nadal's legend at Roland Garros began 15 years ago

This Friday are met 15 years of the Rafa Nadal's first feat at Roland Garros. The start of the legend Spanish on the terre battue (clay) of Paris. The June 5, 2005, 19 years old two days earlier, first raised Time for the Musketeers Cup at Philippe Chatrier. When he took his first bite of glory, he had no idea he would win the French Grand Slam another 11 times.

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Nadal's career at Roland Garros.

Nadal was able to debut earlier at Roland Garros but a right elbow injury in 2003 and another in the foot left in 2004 (although he was invited there by his sponsors) delayed their emergence in a square used to Spanish triumphs. Your uncle and for that then coach, Toni Nadal, remember for AS how was that historic feat. “We left Palma on a Wednesday and exercised with the conviction that we could do something good. The last workout in Mallorca we did it with Carlos Moyá (current coach of the number two in the world), And he asked me: 'Would you sign the semifinals?' I replied: 'No, no, I do not sign it.' Because Rafael came from winning in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome, with victories against many good people, such as Coria, who was the best on the ground, Ferrero … “, comments Toni, who acknowledges that the draw of the painting worried them. We saw that there was a possible third-round pairing with Gasquet and that worried us, because in Monte Carlo they had played a very hard match. My nephew won, but it was difficult. “

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All the times that Nadal raised the Musketeers Cup in Roland Garros.

On May 23 the premiere of the cyclone of Manacor arrived. “Against Burgsmüller , a match to three sets, more or less comfortable. The German was not a dangerous opponent, because he was not a ground specialist. But an event like Roland Garros always starts with nerves. “Later, Nadal flew to the eighths.” Against Malisse, already in the center, Rafael won in three sets and came the day against Gasquet. The French began to talk a lot about that confrontation. Richard was his great hope and I said to my nephew: 'Easy, they have paved the way for us, because they have put too much pressure on him'. It didn't measure up. We beat him in three sleeves. “

“Moyá asked me if I signed up to go to 'semis' and I said no”

Toni Nadal

The French fans, fed up with seeing Spaniards win, did not pass a single one to Nadal. “Against Grosjean we had a problem by a dubious ball. He had moved before claiming. He asked for the rectification, the judge did not give it and the public did not allow the meeting to continue. We lost the third set and it came out in four. “Then, fratricidal duel before Ferrer. “We enjoy the luck that his match against Gaudio was postponed by the rain, and David was very tired tflush a five-set battle. He had to fight two days in a row, “recalls Toni. And in semifinals, number one, Federer. “It was the first collision against him on the ground. It was resolved in four sets with the very clear tactic of going over his backhand.” It only remained to finish in the final. “We knocked on the door, who was not the seed, but was a great player. Being left-handed, Rafael's drive didn't hurt him as much. He yanked on her thigh and asked for the physio. But I don't know if Mariano was trying to cheat, because nothing was noticed. The first set was scored and Rafael came back. I still see the ball that the Argentine threw out, the match ball. The joy was tremendous, we had already achieved the goal of a tennis player's life. There he dreamed that things would go well, but not so much. How was I supposed to win 12 times in Paris? “Nadal did it.