What the Red Sox got in return for Theo Epstein and why they did it

What the Red Sox got in return for Theo Epstein and why they did it

When the Red Sox announced on Friday that Theo Epstein would be returning as a senior advisor with Fenway Sports Group as well as part-owner of the team, it made a lot of news in the baseball world. But the sequence of the move is not a mistake.

According to people who know about Epstein’s deal with the Red Sox, he was brought back in part because Red Sox ownership privately admitted that they haven’t always given the club the attention it needed in the past few years as the FSG portfolio has grown so quickly.

Even though Epstein is now working as a part-time, on-the-inside advisor for all of FSG’s properties, he will still be responsible for putting back in place some of the systems and lines of communication that helped the Red Sox be so successful when he was general manager from 2003 to 2011.

Even though team president Sam Kennedy as well as others have said many times in public that the ownership group is committed to the Red Sox, there is a growing awareness within the organization that the club needs to be a higher priority for FSG.

Winning back fans is the most important thing after three disappointing last-place finishes within four years and an offseason with mixed messages from team leadership.

Epstein will be able to work with a multi-sport company for the very first time in his career as part of his job with FSG. He will be able to be involved with every one of the group’s properties.

His job will be to help not only the Red Sox but also Liverpool FC, the Pittsburgh Penguins, RFK Racing, Boston Common Golf, and the other projects the group is working on.

As stated in the news release about Epstein’s new job, “the company’s sporting operations in the portfolio as well as consult on strategic expansion and investment initiatives.”

Epstein will have a voice behind the scenes with Liverpool, the Penguins, and other projects, but his time with the Red Sox will allow him to spend a lot of time collaborating with the team.

Instead of deciding things for the team as he did as GM, Epstein will mostly work from home in Connecticut. He will also not be as involved in day-to-day operations.

It will be more about the processes, which will give him a chance to look at the whole organization and listen to a group of important people who know and trust him.

If you look at the last four years, the Red Sox have finished enduring in the American League East three times.

Fans were begging Epstein to come back. The former Red Sox general manager is coming back to the team in a different role, but the return was not made in that role. This was announced on Friday.

Theo Epstein is going to work for the Boston Red Sox again. He’ll become a senior adviser at Fenway Sports Group.

He won’t be making decisions about hiring or firing, but his opinion should be very important as the Red Sox try to figure out how they can get back into the race in the tough AL East.

Theo Epstein led the Red Sox to two World Series titles as general manager. He is now returning to the team as a minority owner as well as a part-time senior adviser to Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Red Sox.

Epstein will help the sports and leisure conglomerate with its operations and investment plan. He also helped the Chicago Cubs win the 2016 World Series, which was their first title in 108 years.

“This is truly an unforgettable possibility for me — a chance to partner with people who mean a great deal to me; a chance to challenge me in new arenas; and a chance to use my knowledge and viewpoint to help others thrive and win at the highest level,” Epstein stated in a statement.

“The special link I feel toward this organization and its governing group has stayed with me through the years.”

Epstein is leaving his job as a consultant for Major League Baseball. In that role, he worked on changes to the rules that were meant to make the game more exciting.

Because Arctos Partners owns a piece of FSG, he will still be an operating partner for that company.