What Ana Obregón does not tell: she looked for a boy, she is trying again (and the grandfather Lequio thing)

Ana Obregon does not count in the extraordinary interview of Hola very relevant aspects of everything related to your pregnancy by surrogacy. It does not say, for example, that is already looking for a brother for the newborn Ana Lequio, although it makes it clear. Neither did he confess that he was looking for a boy and that the numerous failed attempts to carry out the pregnancy were repeated for this reason, because he did not get a boy. But above all he does not refer to the fact that Alessandro Lequio be angry because you repeatedly asked her not to go through with the process and she went ahead, even though you have made him a grandfather. Neither does he speak of the different criteria for interpreting the desire to Aless to conserve sperm: Was it to be a father with his girlfriend in case he became sterile due to the chemo Or was it how Ana maintains to be a father with the egg of a stranger after death?

A week after the bomb exploded that Ana Obregon she had been a mother at the age of 68, it comes to us that she has been a grandmother. In reality, everyone knew that this was the case, but almost no one dared to affirm it with all the letters, except Carmen Lomana, who told it to Susanna Griso.

Now that, as many of us knew what was going to happen, it was the mother, or grandmother, who told the story. But not the whole story. There are several issues that she tiptoes through, albeit giving clues, and others that she does not refer to.

For starters, throughout the interview piece for which we must once again congratulate the magazine HolaAna Obregón repeats that she has complied the will of his son Aless, deceased almost three years ago: set up the foundation that bears his name, publish a book that the young man had begun to write, and have descendants.

Nothing to object to a project, come true, as laudable as promoting and financing research against cancer. It is also beautiful that a mother finishes the book started by her son before passing away on May 13, 2020 after a titanic battle.

But the question of having a granddaughter is much more delicate. And not for questioning the method used or for the age of Ana Obregón. But because it is one thing that Aless Lequio wanted to have children with his girlfriend at the time, and another what has happened or with another in the future if she had survived cancer.

Indeed, when the son of Alessadro Lequio and Ana Obregón began his treatment, he wanted to preserve his reproductive capacity because it is not uncommon for infertility, after harsh cancer treatments, to prevent someone who has gone through them from being a father, even though the patient overcomes the disease and can lead a healthy life. Since he had a partner, Aless therefore wanted to deposit his sperm in a bank so that in the future, if that happened, he could carry out his wish to be a father. But it would be logical that this desire was related to being a father with his wife at the time, the one he was with when he made that decision. That is the other version of the reason why there is stored and preserved semen from Aless Lequio.

Obregón herself explains it this way in her latest exclusive: “When my son was diagnosed with cancer and was going to start chemotherapy treatment, the doctors recommended that he save samples of his sperm, in case the drugs affected him in the future, to make sure he could have children,” says the mother. legal and biological grandmother of the child. She did so. The samples were not kept in New York, as it says Ana Obregon but in the IVI of Madrid, in the Madrid district of Salamanca. It is a very important piece of information to interpret some things.

“Aless was already very bad and he told us that if anything happened to him, he wanted us to know that he wanted to leave offspring in this life. Even if he was no longer there, “adds Ana, although at the moment we do not have the version of the other witness, father of the deceased and grandfather of the newborn Ana Lequio. “It was Aless’s last will: to bring a child of his into the world. And This is how he told his father and me orally a week before he died,” according to the version of the mother of the deceased, although we do not have that of the father.

That is, we know that Aless Lequio he wanted to save semen to become a father in the future and use it if he became sterile due to the treatments. But she is only the mother, which alludes to Alessandro Lequio as a witness (for now mute), who maintains that this desire to be a father went beyond being one after his death if he died, and not to fertilize his girlfriend at the time or another woman in the future, being alive but not being fertile . Ana’s explanations are understandable but provide few arguments: “Her father of hers already wanted the girl to be here with me and to change my tears of sadness and horror for these tears of joy,” she declares in Hola.

Given the Alessandro Lequio He has not ruled on the process that has made him a grandfather, because the son he no longer has has been a father, We go back to what happened these days to remember what the Italian has done since the news broke: he has not at least publicly congratulated Ana; he has been seen rather angry. And he went from saying “I know everything” to “there are things I’m finding out now” as well as accusing certain people of leaking the news with visible anger. Months ago, the absence of Lequio was notable in the presentation of the foundation of his son together with Ana Obregón. So I already knew what was about to happen.

Not all those involved in this matter agree that Aless wanted his semen for any purpose other than to have children with his partner.

The conclusion is simple. Alessandro Lequio interpreted his son’s wish in another way: Aless wanted to preserve his fertile sperm to fertilize his wife, his girlfriend or his partner in the future; but not to fertilize, once dead, an anonymous donor, turning Ana Obregón in legal mother of the creature, and biological grandmother, and therefore his father in grandfather. We are in a position to ensure that not all those involved in this matter agree that Aless wanted her semen for any purpose other than having children with her partner and enjoying watching them grow. In fact, they tell us that Lequio asked Ana on several occasions not to carry out the gestation process in the conditions that she has done. But she didn’t want any anonymous donor creatures: “Ana wanted a child from Aless”they corroborate us, and that implies Alessandro Lequio as a grandfather.

The legal question is addressed by Ana in her interview but, sources consulted by Informalia They disagree with the reasoning of the new grandmother. “This is called a holographic will and it occurs when a person, before two witnesses, expresses his last wishes, even though, due to whatever circumstances, the notary cannot be present at that time. But this document exists and is legal,” he says. she. However, we only know of one witness, who is Ana, while Lequio remains silent, she has not confirmed that the wish that her son transmitted to her was to be a father after death.

Furthermore, we know that “Ana Obregón was asked not to use Lequio as a last name,” sources of all solvency assure us. On the other hand, it is hard to believe that when Aless Lequio he went to the sperm bank, the IVI, accompanied by his father and his girlfriend at the time, he did it with the intention of saving semen for her mother.

In any case, even Ana herself admits that at least Lequio does have the right to define her position: “If there are opinions against, I can’t stand any, nor will I admit any. Nothing more than that of a father or a mother who They have buried a son. Only they are the ones who can give an opinion and the ones who can understand me,” he reiterates. Let’s not forget that Lequio is a father who buried his son, only that he has experienced his pain in a different way.

Many attempts to get a boy

The magazine asks Ana Obregon about fertilization, the gestation process and childbirth. They want to know if it was easy, if he looked for a man and if he wants to do it again. She does not tell everything but gives clues: she admits that she would have liked a boy (“also”, she adds), that there were several attempts and she does not rule out doing it again, becoming a mother-grandmother again. She actually is already looking for him.

“In August they gave me the news that the pregnancy had occurred and I found out that it was a girl in December. Oh my gosh, what a Christmas present! A girl!”says the actress. Then they ask: “Would you have preferred a boy?” She admits that she I would have liked “too” child but what counts is that tried repeatedly and it was not possible; in the end she had to admit a girl. When asked if it is possible, in these cases, to choose whether she is a boy or a girl, she answers like this: “No, because there is an egg donor and what she touches touches”, but we can say that he tried it several times. More than ten.

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Obregón herself admits that the pregnancy “did not occur at the first attempt, far from it; it has been several times and each time it did not come out I was terribly upset and started again. It has been a battle, a long road,” she explains. . But what doesn’t count is that she was looking for a man and that’s why she started over, until she saw it impossible.

The strongest is not that. When asked if she would do it again, she answers like this: “Who knows? My son wanted to have five children, so maybe the child will come one day too.” A declaration of intentions. “Really, would you do it again?” they ask him: “Who knows? My son wanted to have five children, so maybe the child will come one day too.” We repeat: “Maybe the child will come one day,” she says. To then add again: “It may be, it may be.”

It is not that it could be, it is that, according to our sources, He is already in the process of bringing Ana Lequio a little brother, because she doesn’t want them to take a lot, and because she “wants a boy,” they tell us. We can also add that the new process is not in Miami.

To find an explanation beyond Ana’s words and try to understand her brain and her heart, you simply have to read what she says: “Now it is my obligation to be happy for her and, furthermore, my emotional stability, right now, depends to see this girl grow up happy”, she confesses. “I what I feel when I hug her is like hugging my son, because deep down I’m hugging my son. It’s the only thing I have left alive of him,” she says excitedly. “He’s going to sleep in his dad’s room, Aless’s. It is a room in which I have not touched anything yet, because I don’t feel capable. I was going to make him a separate room, but I told him: ‘You’re going to sleep with your dad, who’s going to take care of you like an angel at night.’ Good night.