Victoria Federica’s bikinazo to the ‘Kardashian’ that puts her mother on the ropes: “Wasting time…”

Froilán lives his saddest Easter since Abu Dhabi surrounded by escorts who look like babysitters while their sister has crossed the pond to spend a few days in the sun of the Rivera Maya. Victoria Federica She has traveled with one of her best friends to enjoy what is known as SpringBreak, the spring break for university students in the United States, and from there she has posed with a mini-bikini that leaves little to the imagination.

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“Wasting Time”, Vic has written next to a carousel of images in which he appears sunbathing. It means “Wasting time”, but not only that: it is also the name of an agency that organizes wild trips for university students. His presentation message on networks says it all: “Experts in wasting time. Do you have time? Come waste it with us.”

Victoria Federica’s attitude in recent months has caused discomfort in her parents, Jaime de Marichalar y Dona Elena, who do not look favorably on the professional and social direction that the life of their ‘little girl’ is taking. With froilan In grandpa-controlled Abu Dhabi, the last thing they expected is for the sweet girl with good grades and a passion for piano to give them so many headaches. Even Zarzuela has picked up the phone to give the infanta a touch, who fails to get Vic on the sidelines. The images of her in a bikini of him, looking great from the Riviera Maya at a legendary party due to excesses, is not the best for the Royal House at the moment and could cost her mother another call to order.