Week 15 of the 2023 NFL season: What We Noted from Monday night’s win by the Seahawks over the Eagles

Week 15 of the 2023 NFL season: What We Noted from Monday night’s win by the Seahawks over the Eagles

Nick Sirianni have to have been pretty happy with his choices around the beginning of the fourth quarter.

One team that wasn’t behind in the Seattle Seahawks game was the Philadelphia Eagles. They hadn’t even had a halfway lead in almost a month (57 days to be exact).

It was safe to say that Sirianni felt a little trust as the head coach dug around in his pocket to find the red challenge flag. This story has been full of nail-biting comebacks along with embarrassing losses.

Oh, yes, Sirianni’s choices were going great. It was clear. Defense end Jalen Carter clearly took Drew Lock’s knee in the ground with a single solid sweep inside.

Pete Carroll, who works with Sirianni, even gave the Eagles more time to think about challenging by calling a timeout before a fourth-and-2 snap to “scratch their heads.”

At last! Someone is making a terrible choice! But in this story of nail-biting comebacks or embarrassing losses, the Eagles can never be sure that any choice will give them any kind of security.

But Julian Love and Drew Lock were very important in writing that story, and they should be praised for Seattle’s 20-17 surprise win over Philadelphia on Monday night.

The safety for the Seahawks was very important to the win. He picked off two Jalen Hurts throws in the fourth quarter to keep Philadelphia from scoring.

Seattle scored a field goal that cut the Eagles’ lead to 17-13. The Eagles then drove to midfield. Hurts threw a deep pass to Quez Watkins, however Love caught the lofted pass before Watkins could get hold of it. Seattle came to life because of the stop.

After Lock’s amazing drive to tie the game, Love sealed the deal by diving for his second interception as Hurts threw a downfield pass to A.J. Brown with six seconds left.

Love told the team’s website, “I just had a good feeling they wanted to go to No. 11.” “I really watched that whole play because A.J. Brown is a great receiver.”

I was in the post when I saw the double move and ran away. I saw the ball float, and I must be living a good life because I stuck my feet in.

Pete Carroll, the coach of the Seattle Seahawks, said, “Julian Love’s game this week was incredible, building on what he did last week.” “The last catch looks great from the sidelines.” Tap your toes, hold on to the football, and win the game.

It was amazing how well he played. He had more tackles ready by the line of scrimmage. Both of those catches were tough and tricky. He seemed to make it look easy.

Here’s another kid whose was totally fine with what was happening. If you let him, he would go make another one. Even though he was perfectly calm and poised, it just didn’t move him. What an amazing feat.”

With the win, Seattle’s record moved to 7-7 and they stayed in the running for the NFC Wild Card. For Love, the two-INT day only marked the beginning of a wonderful week as he and his wife get ready for their son’s birth.

“Yeah, hopefully, a happy baby boy comes this week,” Love stated. “During this crazy football stretch, my wife is doing a great job. He has turned the ball over four times in the last two weeks. Oh my god.Oh my god.

It’s football again on Saturdays! Week 15 has games for all 32 teams. The games will be spread out over four days, starting with the Los Angeles Chargers as well as Las Vegas Raiders’ AFC West matchup on Thursday.