It wasn’t the same as at the Las Vegas Classic. Neither the rival, nor the passion in the stands nor of course the stage. Barcelona and Juventus met in the Cotton Bowl Stadium, a somewhat decadent sports facility, which is beginning to show signs of decrepitude, compared to the formidable Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Smaller, but a 21st century setting.

El Cotton Bowl, where Barça-Juve played, was modern twenty-eight years ago, when it hosted matches at the 1994 World Cup and when it witnessed Maradona’s positive test in that World Cup. Now it is a colossus that is beginning to become obsolete, that from afar looks amazing but when you get closer you see that it is not aging well.

they were not filled the stands of this stadiumwhere Dallas FC plays and which cannot stand comparison with the AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, where Barcelona performed on the 2011 tour. That setting did impress the Barcelona expedition at the time.

Nor was there full in the stands. It is true that almost 60,000 people they came to the Cotton Bowl, something very commendable if we take into account that the most popular media in Dallas hardly knew about the celebration of the event, a ‘soccer’ game very limited to fans. Here the Cowboys or the Mavericks rule.

Yes indeed, Barcelona absolute majority in the stands. This time they were left without seeing Barcelona win, but Xavi’s team offered moments of very good football. The one who did not get rid of the whistles, once again, was Gerard Piqué, by the few followers of Juve, the time it was over a dry grass that also did not contribute to the brilliance of the show.

Barcelona fans yes they were next to of the Barcelona center-back, who was acclaimed. Gerard thanked him by giving them his shirt.

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